Freaky Friday: University of Tennessee at Martin

There is a group at the University of Tennessee at Martin that certainly believes in the presence of the paranormal in their midst. They call themselves the Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Martin, PRISM Paranormal for short, and with a Facebook page boasting over 4,000 fans, it is clear they have made a name for themselves on campus.

This past fall, the group hosted events around the campus of UTM including their 4th Annual UT Martin Haunted Adventure and several ghost hunts around Halloween. The description for one such ghost walk says there are stops at campus buildings including Clement Hall, Pacer Pond & the quad, however there is little information about the ghosts that reside in each on the fan page.

PRISM Paranormal’s influence extends far beyond UT Martin’s border, with their website housing case files from clients all over northwestern Tennessee and the surrounding area. Anyone who believes they have spirits dwelling in their home within their service area can request an investigation or cleansing. The site also provides clear signs to aid potential clients in identifying a true haunting.

Despite all of the research and investigations PRISM Paranormal has conducted, I can’t help but remain a skeptic. So I want to hear from anyone who has taken a tour or participated in one of PRISM Paranormal’s events! Did the group convince you of the existence of the paranormal? Or are you now further convinced that ghosts do not linger among us? Tell me what you know about the ghosts at UT Martin in the comments below!

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