The IT List: Nautical

The Nautical trend has long been associated with goofy figures like the cartoon sailor, Popeye, and the awkward Gilligan, but we’re here to prove that this fashion statement can actually be more chic than cheesy.  Cherry red and navy blue are the perfect hues to make any outfit pop and with its clean, crisp stripes, this trend will have you turning heads on land and at sea. Whether you’re heading to class or to a party, you’ll be fashion-forward. Read on for our tips and ideas for how to pull off a Nautical look three different ways! The best part? Many of these items are available at select campus bookstores!



*Products vary by store.








Though you want to be comfortable while attending class, it’s important not to come across as sloppy. Pairing a navy blue blazer with denim and a striped tank is an easy way to take a casual outfit and make it look more polished. Red and blue accessories, like the headband and scarf shown, add some finishing touches while sandals are the perfect shoe choice to keep you comfortable. Don’t forget your red backpack!







*Products vary by store.








Just because you’re working out, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion forward. Yoga pants and a red and white striped tank top are fitted but not confining and athletic sandals can be kicked off easily once you reach the gym. Keep stray hairs out of your face with a trendy headband and stash your collegiate water bottle and yoga mat in a red, white and blue striped tote bag. If you think it might be a little chilly on the walk to and from your workout, don’t forget to pick up a college hoodie from your campus bookstore!







*Products vary by store.








Just admit it – parties are a lot more fun when you’re excited to show off your outfit! Offset fitted red skinny jeans with a flowy blue top and laid-back grey flip-flops. Adding some neutral (but trendy) accessories – like a beaded necklace and some bangles –  takes the outfit up a notch, without being too flashy. Throw on a fedora and grab a clutch and you’ll be good to go!

Whether you can’t get enough of all things ocean-related or have never even set foot on a boat, we know you’ll love this season’s Nautical trend! With our easy-to-follow guide, you’re all set to pull off this look. Have any other outfit ideas you can’t wait to share with us? Post a suggestion below!


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