DIY Dorm: Painted Glass Jar

As someone who is always on the hunt for an easy way to add spice to my room, I am so excited to share this project with you. While browsing the design blog, Poppytalk, I found my inspiration for the newest edition of DIY Dorm. Why not take bottles and jars meant for the recycling and turn them into something beautiful and colorful?  I decided to start with a small, empty jar and turn it into a pencil holder. Keep reading for tips and instructions!

What You’ll Need:




1 Glass jar
Acrylic paint
Paintbrush (optional*)

What You’ll Do:

1) Remove the label from the jar you’ve chosen. (Tip: In my experience, a stubborn label can usually be removed with a Brillo pad, water, and soap if needed.) Rinse out any remaining contents and let dry.

2) Add a dollop of paint to the inside of the jar. Slowly rotate and swirl it around until the entire inside is covered with the paint. This may take a few dollops, depending on the color and thickness of the paint. (Tip: I used a paint brush to help spread stubborn patches.) Let dry.

3) Add any other additions to the outside of your jar, whether it be stenciled letters or appliques.

Add some water and fresh flowers or an electric candle to add some mood lighting to your room. I went with a stylish pencil holder but it is up to you! Either way, you’re left with a quaint new edition to your dorm. Enjoy!


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