Freaky Friday: Friday the 13th

Everyone has heard about the superstitions that revolve around this supposedly haunted day, but has anyone ever experienced anything spooky first-hand? I, for one, have not…but I’m convinced there must be some good spooky stories out there. Why else would Friday the 13th have such a bad reputation?

Share your spine-tingling, hair-raising and downright scary Friday the 13th stories with us in the comments below and we may feature your story here next week! While you’re trying to remember your own spooky stories, get caught up on the entire Freaky Friday series with the links below.

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  1. Maria says:

    Hi Erin. I’m currently an intern at B&N College and was looking at your blog. Another school that you could add to the list for Freaky Friday is Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA!

  2. Nice blog.. I am really impressed and you do an appreciative work.. thanks for sharing…
    i like to read this topic. please share something more…Thanks..

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