Four Ways to Focus

You know the deal – you have a growing To-Do list and just can’t seem to get it together. You stare off into space, peruse Facebook…anything to avoid what you need to get done. We’re here to help you power through with four easy tips to keep you focused.

1.Clear your workspace. Get the clutter out of your way and get comfortable. Pack snacks and water to keep you going.


2.Make a To-Do list and be specific. If you have your work load outlined carefully, it will be easier to move from one task to the other. Spending half of the day getting your stuff together will only open the door for distraction.



Turn off the distractions!

3.Take breaks. This might seem counterproductive, but it really does work. Schedule in a quick walk to get your blood flowing and relax your mind or plan an hour lunch to relax and refuel. You’ll come back fresh and ready to work.


4.Ditch the distractions. Whether it’s the TV, your friends, or Twitter, make a point to avoid the distractions when you need to get something done. Find a new study spot and leave your phone in your bag until you’ve been productive.

How do you keep your concentration when you’ve got a heavy workload? Post a comment below!


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