Top 5 Ways To Make Quick Holiday Cash

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As a college student, the holiday season can be a stressful time. You’re at that transitional age where an ideal christmas gift is a good night’s sleep and your family no longer considers your macaroni artwork as suitable gifts. So what do you do? Your minimum wage work study hasn’t particularly put you in a place to purchase anything outside of ramen noodles for the week, so it’s time to think crafty!

Fear not, Luvo is here for you.

We’ve got some of the best ways to rack up extra cash for the holidays. These are easy, accessible, and surefire ways to make sure you make it in and out of the holidays with some extra cash.

Luvo Top 5 Ways To Make Quick Holiday Cash

1. Snag a Seasonal Retail/Temporary Job

We know what you’re thinking….another job?! However, retail jobs during the holidays are like gold mines. During the holidays, stores are packed with customers and demand is high. Because of that, they are eager for the extra hands, allowing for you to easily gain a bunch of hours and save up money.

Quick Tip: If you’re not interested in retail or can’t find a position, there are other options! Apply to call centers, offer your babysitting services to neighbors, and look into local catering/event halls. Many of these places hire on the spot and allow for self-made hours and flexibility.

2. Channel your Talents with Gigs

Are you a master at knitting? Can you play an instrument? Have an artistic eye? All of these things can make you money! Making products and providing services – especially during the holidays – can be a win-win for everyone. People may be interested in your talents as potential gifts and you make cash off of things you already know. You could sell handmade scarves, play an instrument for others, design an event flyer and so much more. Your creativity is the limit!


Quick Tip: Craigslist is a great online directory for gigs available in your city.

3. Get Rid of Old Stuff

The internet is truly an amazing place. You can take any old things you don’t use anymore and sell them right from the comfort of your bed.

Quick Tip: Apps like Craigslist, Letgo, Etsy, etc allow you to do this easily! If you’re not looking for the online route, host a garage sale.

4. Use your Smarts!

It’s the end of the semester which means you most likely have a ton of notes, study guides and flashcards just hanging around that you have no use for. How about making some money off of them!?

Quick TipOn Luvoyou can sell all your course materials to other students across the nation that need them! You pick the price and take 70% of the profit. You can also offer tutoring and get paid hourly. Put your brain to good use!

5. Get into the Holiday Spirit

If all else fails and you want to make some money while still enjoying the joy of the season, there’s a ton of fun things to do. Gift wrapping, shoveling and cleaning cars of snow can be convenient ways to help out others and bring in some holiday cash.  

Quick Tip: Start by offering your services to friends, family, or neighbors! From there, build your network and grow your following.


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