The Morning Class Survival Guide

Let us guess… during course selection you assumed you could handle an 8 a.m. class since you did it in high school, right? And now you regret that decision, correct? We hear ya! Mornings aren’t easy, and our beds somehow magically become a thousand times more comfortable after our alarms go off.

So, how do we survive these dreaded morning classes? We’ve got some tips, and they really can make a huge difference!




Eat breakfast.

There’s a reason you always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s not a myth! Eating breakfast provides you with energy and nutrients, which help you concentrate in class instead of snoozing in the back of the room.


Watch a funny video.

Didn’t expect to see this one, huh? Well, watching a funny YouTube video or pulling out your phone and catching up on some Vines on the way to class may be just what you need. Research actually suggests that watching something humorous can help increase a person’s persistence while performing tasks.


Grab your go-to caffeine fix.

If a cup of jo is what gets you going in the morning, then so be it! We suggest brewing your own coffee to save some cash.




Ignore FOMO.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a frequent feeling among college students. You’re really not missing out on as much as you think when you skip a night out and get a good night’s sleep instead. Believe us – there is plenty of time for fun during the rest of the week when you don’t have class bright and early the next day!


Get in a morning stretch.

Right after you get out of bed, take a few minutes and get in a really good stretch. This is an instant energy booster because stretching increases blood circulation and oxygen in your muscles.



This may seem counter intuitive considering we usually think of exercise as something that’s physically draining – but in the long run, it’s actually quite the opposite. Regular exercise actually improves a person’s over all stamina, which means they don’t feel as fatigued throughout the day.


pexels-photo (11)


Drink water.

If you need a cup of coffee or some other kind of caffeine fix in the morning, that’s fine. But, make sure you’re also staying hydrated with water. Dehydration is a big cause of fatigue, so grab a bottle of water before heading to class.


Have a positive attitude.

You know those morning thoughts you have when your alarm goes off? It’s too early for this. I can already tell today will be a bad day. There’s no way I can stay awake in class today. Simply changing your perspective and shifting your thoughts to something more positive can seriously effect the way you feel in the morning – and throughout the rest of the day.


Maybe morning classes aren’t all that bad after all, right? You can totally tackle your day, no matter when your alarm goes off! Have any more suggestions? Comment below or shoot us a tweet.




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  1. Katie says:

    I’m using a Fitbit for my alarm and cell phone for a backup. The Fitbit totally wakes me up without waking my partner up. And it also tracks how much sleep I have. With my phone alarm I was never able to wake up for anything. I was on time to two of my morning classes so far!

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