What to Expect During Your First Year in College

Heading off to college can be an exciting, but overwhelming, experience. The people, the classes, the dorm room – everything is completely new. With acceptance letters rolling in and college life not too far in the distance for high school seniors, we decided to pull together a list of insights from actual college students. Who better to divulge what they wish they had known before setting foot on campus than actual upperclassmen? We posted the question, What did you wish you had known before your freshman year of college? Find out what they had to say!


“I wish I knew that everything is so expensive! Saving money and spending it wisely is key.”


“I wish I knew that it’s your responsibility to know due dates and hold yourself accountable for attending class.”


“I wish I knew that you’re still bound to have fun no matter how much work you have or how serious things get. You’re going to have people there to pick you up and get you smiling again.”  


“I wish I knew what I actually needed to bring to school.  I brought way too many things that I did not need.”


“I wish I had known that there are SO many cool unadvertised opportunities for students to get involved in, so I should have thoroughly browsed the school website!”


“I wish I had known about all the scholarship opportunities that are available.”


It’s great when upperclassmen are willing to share some insights with incoming students! Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what you can expect when you head off to school! Have some more questions or concerns about starting your new journey in college? Shoot us a tweet and we’ll be happy to help!







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