The Ultimate De-Stress Playlist

With one exam after the other and endless hours of studying, stress is almost inevitable. Music is the ultimate stress reliever, so we’re excited to share some of our favorite feel good songs. Check out our de-stress playlist below, which is comprised of songs recommended by members of the Barnes & Noble College family!




1. “Moby” by Porcelain

2. “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver

3. “Afterglow” by Phaeleh

4. “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae

5. “Amber” by 311

6. “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

7. “Keep Your Head Up” by Ben Howard

8. “Full Sail” by Ryan Farish

9. “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band

10. “Imagine” by John Lennon

11. “Carry On” by Fun

12. “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble

13. “Riptide” by Vance Joy

14. “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley

15. “Free Fallin” by John Mayer

16. “Lost” by Sunlounger ft. Zara

17. “Float On” by Modest Mouse

18. “King Without a Crown” by Matisyahu

19. “Come to Me” by The Goo Goo Dolls

20. “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel

21. “Peace” by O.A.R.

22. “Caribbean Blue” by Enya

23. “Midnight Rider” by The Allman Brothers Band

24. “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

25. “Holocene” by Bon Iver


Listen to the whole playlist below!


Feeling better yet? Music works wonders for squashing stress. What do you listen to when you need to de-stress? Send us your song recommendations on Twitter or in the comments below.







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  1. Joan Hicks says:

    What a great discovery. Looking forward to going thru this list!

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