Tips for Scholarship Success

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Scholarships offer the opportunity to reduce education-related costs. Follow these simple tips to earn lots of scholarship money, and you’ll be well on your way to lowering your college expenses!

Dashes1. Start early. Starting early gives you more time to research and complete scholarship applications. Plus, starting early shows those who are awarding scholarships that you’re a motivated student!

2. Use a scholarship matching tool. Sites like Scholly, Cappex, Unigo, and Fastweb search through vast databases of the latest scholarships and deliver you a list of scholarships that are best suited for you.

3Look beyond your grades. You don’t have to have a 4.0 to qualify for scholarships. What special talents or skills do you offer? Whatever it is, make sure you highlight your strengths and personality in the application. You can also reinforce this message through letters of recommendation from teachers and community members who know you best.

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4. Apply for scholarships, big and small. Don’t overlook scholarships with smaller awards. They can quickly add up to help cover college expenses!

5. Ask for help. Your high school guidance counselor is a great sounding board when it comes to scholarships. They can help you choose which scholarships are the best to apply for, and they often will take the time to review your submissions and provide guidance on improving them.

Get more scholarship tips!

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