9 Energy Hacks to Get You Through Finals Week

Getting through finals week means more than just studying. Let’s be real, this week is completely exhausting! That’s why we came up with these energy-boosting hacks to fuel your exam week.


1. Power nap.

Good news fellow sleep-lovers… adding a nap to your day is beneficial! Many students struggle with naps because they doze off for hours and wake up groggy. Who has time for that during finals week? They key is to nap for 30 minutes or less. It makes all the difference!


2. Keep the light on.

When you’re in a dark area, your brain starts tricking your body into thinking it’s time to rest. Make sure your study area is well lit. If you can, try setting up your study session right by a bright window to get in that natural sun light.




3. Get moving. 

You know those times when you’ve reached the middle of your study session, and suddenly your mind starts wandering and you begin dozing off? Next time that happens, get up and go for a short 10-minute walk. Simply getting up and moving can help you get that quick energy boost you’re looking for.


4. Eat breakfast.

Grabbing breakfast before your exam might seem like an inconvenience when you’re so busy, but it’s actually the perfect way to get you going in the morning. Try something quick and healthy – like yogurt, fruit, or a granola bar.


5. De-clutter your schedule.

Finals week is busy enough as is. Make sure not to leave all of your studying for the last minute, and avoid adding too much to your schedule this week – such as picking up an extra work shift. Tacking on too many additional responsibilities will just leave you exhausted.


6. Stretch.

There’s something really rejuvenating about getting in a good stretch. Plus, sitting cramped at a desk all day totally leaves your mind foggy. Make it a habit to get up and stretch for five minutes throughout the day.




7. Seek protein and healthy carbs. 

Protein and carbs are both attributed to increasing energy. Carbs are typically known to give you a quick energy boost when you don’t have time to spare, but you’ll want to be careful what kinds of carbs you’re consuming. Stick to the healthy stuff, like whole grains!


8. Turn up the tunes. 

Music is so powerful when it comes to our moods! Make a playlist of your favorite songs to pump you up during your study session. You might not physically get more energy, but your mind will feel more awake and ready to go! May we suggest this motivating classic?


9. Stay hydrated. 

Coffee might be the only drink on your mind this week, but don’t forget how important water is! Not getting enough water can actually make you feel drained. Keep a refillable water bottle with you all week. It’s important!

Do you have any tips we missed? Share your best energy-increasing advice in the comments below!





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