10 Signs You’re SO Ready for Summer Break

Summer break…so close, yet so far. You’ve made it to the homestretch, but now you just have to wrap up all of your classes and make it through finals. If you can relate to these 10 signs, you’re definitely so ready for summer break to get here.

1. Finding motivation for school work is getting harder and harder.


2. You can’t focus in class because you’re already mentally checked out.


3. You’ve got an itching for a spontaneous road trip.


4. You’ve cracked out your summer clothes, even if it’s not shorts weather just yet.


5. And you’ve already started planning your wardrobe for summer trips and festivals.


6. You’re basically always lost in a daydream about the carefree summer ahead of you.


7. Conversations with your besties are centered around planning beach trips and BBQ’s.


8. You can’t fight the urge to online shop for new swimsuits and summer apparel.


9. When you’re just chilling in your dorm or apartment, you get antsy for an outdoor activity.


10. And finally, you’ve already started packing up your room to move back home. 

Can you relate? Share how you can tell you’re so ready for summer in the comments below!


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