6 Bedroom Essentials for a Better Night’s Sleep

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From hitting the bed early the night before an exam to those power naps in between classes, it’s safe to say sleep is important in college. So, what happens if you’re just not getting the quality sleep you need? Check out some of these bedroom must-haves that will have you sleeping soundly.

1. A comfortable mattress topper.

You might not be lucky enough to have a luxurious, plush mattress at your digs on campus, but you can make the most of the one you’re given.  A comfortable topper is all you need to make your mattress feel like a million bucks. Find your best fit here.


2. A cozy throw blanket.

Nothing beats the comfort of an extra throw blanket on your bed. With the AC on full blast or the fan blowing right over you, you’ll sleep cozy knowing you can curl up under some warm, soft layers. Shop for your next throw blanket here.


3. The right pillow for your sleep style. 

Did you know, using the wrong type of pillow can affect how you sleep? Side sleepers need a firm and high pillow that will keep the neck and spine in a straight line, back sleepers need a little less height to keep their heads from tilting too far, and stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow to cushion the neck’s natural curve. Are you using the wrong pillow? Make the swap!


4. A soothing sound machine.

If you’re the type to hit the pillow only to lay awake for hours before finally dozing off, you may want to consider getting a sound machine. These guys will easily lull you to sleep with calming sounds—like rain or the ocean—and they’ll mask any other distracting bumps in the night so that you stay sound asleep. Get yours here.


5. Noise-cancelling headphones.

Another great way to drown out any noises while you sleep is by popping in a good pair of headphones. You can’t go wrong with some soothing songs while you drift off to sleep. Not to mention, it’s the perfect solution if you live on a busy street or deal with a snoring roommate! Grab a pair here.



6. A small fan.

Cooler temperatures make for a better sleep, and a small fan by your bedside can help keep a nice breeze on you throughout the night—especially in the dead of summer. Now wrap up in those blankets and get ready for a deep, cozy sleep. Shop for fans here.


What are your top bedroom essentials for a better night’s sleep? Share your answers in the comments below.


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  1. Loralee says:

    I have 5 out of 6. Good suggestions. But menapause is the reason for my lack if sleep.

  2. Glen Waites says:

    Do yòu
    sale laptops?

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