7 Organization Tricks You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

We’re all familiar with the standard organizational methods that everybody always suggests — To-do lists…Color coding…Writing things down…You get the gist of it. If those haven’t worked for you by now, will they ever? That’s why we’re suggesting some organization tricks that you may not have thought of. Give them a shot!

1. Follow the “One In, One Out” rule.

Whether you use this for desk top clutter, closet clutter or something similar, the “One In, One Out” rule is a great organizational habit. All you have to do is toss one old item for every new item you bring home. Easy!



2. Enlist the help of apps and digital tools.

Paper to-do lists, filing systems, and things of that nature are going out of style as more and more digital tools become available. And, there’s an app for basically any organizational need you have! You can create your to-do list with Todoist, manage your budget with mint, stay on top of commitments with Google Calendar reminders, and so much more.


3. Assign your own due dates.

Keep two due dates — One that your professor gives you, and one that you’ve assigned yourself. This will give you extra wiggle room in case you need the extra time, and it’ll help you avoid that ugly panic you get when too many tasks start piling up at once. For bigger projects, you can even make a series of due dates. For example, you can plan on having the research done in one week, the planning done the next week, and the final project done sometime after that.


4. Use the “clothes hanger” hack.

Keeping a closet organized is no easy feat. The best way to tackle closet clutter is by tossing any old clothing — but we know it’s hard parting ways! The clothes hanger hack means that for about a month or so, place your clothes hangers backwards whenever you’re putting away clothing you just wore. If any hangers are still facing forward by the end of the month, you can assume that you probably won’t miss those clothes if you toss them!


5. Switch to a bullet journal.

If you’re hunting for organization tricks, chances are that you’ve already seen thousands of suggestions saying to get a planner. Is that a good idea? Yes. Is there a better idea? Maybe! Bullet journaling takes all the extra time and effort out of keeping a regular planner by using rapid logging and easy-to-follow symbols. If you find that keeping a regular planner is too time consuming, make the switch!



6. Make a mind dump.

Do you ever have those days where your mind is spinning with a thousand thoughts per minute? Even if you routinely keep a planner, it’s hard staying organized and focused when you’ve got quite a few things on your mind.

That’s where a mind dump comes in. You can use a journal, a Word document, or even just a sheet of computer paper. The trick is to just let your thoughts flow out onto the paper — whether it’s about something you need to do, something that just happened, or even what you’re going to wear tonight. Afterwards, sift through the page and cross out any thoughts that are irrelevant or unimportant. Now that those thoughts are out of the way, you can focus on the important ones!


7. Create designated spots for your daily tasks.

If putting things back where they belong is a hard habit for you to form (No worries…We’re right there with you!), then simply don’t move anything away! Instead, always do your homework at your desk so that your study materials stay right in place, always do your hair at the same mirror so you don’t lose your very last bobby pin, and always charge your phone at the same outlet so you don’t misplace your tech. Get it? Good.

Do you have any ideas that we didn’t list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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