6 Delicious Ways to Add More Fruit to Your Diet

When summer rolls around, snacking on fresh fruit is at the top of the mind. It is a sweet and refreshing treat during the hotter months, after all. But now that fall is here, we can’t neglect the fact that we still need this staple in our diets! Here are a few easy (and delicious!) ways you can eat more fruit.

1. Blend it into a smoothie.

From our experience, getting a helping of some healthy food is much more convenient when you can take it with you on the go. Plus, you can add any of your other favorite healthy ingredients into your smoothies (leafy greens, almond milk, yogurt, etc.) so that it tastes just the way you like it. Check out some of our favorite recipes here.


2. Top off your breakfast.

Yogurt, cereal, oatmeal…These are all foods that you likely already eat for breakfast, and they’re also foods that pair deliciously with fruit. Whether you slice up some bananas and strawberries, or pick out your favorite berries, it’ll feel effortless getting your daily serving of fruit when it’s already incorporated into your meal.



3. Freeze it. 

Ever notice how simply freezing your fruit can instantly turn it into a dessert? You know, like those frozen bananas you dipped in chocolate or those chilled grapes you like to pop while enjoying a movie. You can also get a little more creative and make a whole fruit Popsicle!

Freezing your fruit also has another perk. We all know that fruit doesn’t have the longest shelf life, but you can throw them in the freezer before they start browning and then use these frozen pieces for your smoothies!


4. Dried fruit

If you’re still worried about shelf life, opting for dried fruit is your best bet. Raisins are the most common, but we know they don’t always get the best rep. Try looking for banana chips, dried apples, or apricots!


5. Whip up a seasonal favorite.

It’s fall, which means that if you’re anything like us, you cannot wait for apple picking and pumpkin treats! Celebrating the season is a pretty good excuse to whip up your grandma’s famous baked apples, don’t you agree?


6. Remember the juice. 

Juice can get tricky, but it’s definitely a way to get some fruit in your diet…even if you just add a splash of lemon juice to your bottle of water! If have an actual juicer, it’s definitely worth making your own fresh juice with your favorite fruits. If not — no worries — most of us don’t have juicers just lying around. You can grab some pretty tasty fruit and berry juices at the store, but just be weary of the ingredients! Stick to something that uses real fruit juice and isn’t bulked up with sugar and other additives.

What else can you think of? Talk to us in the comments below!


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