6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dropping a Class

One of the big decisions you might have to make in college is whether or not you should drop a course. Dropping classes is common (and it’s really no biggie!), but it’s still a decision that requires thought. If you’re on the fence, ask yourself these six questions before making your decision.

1. Why do I want to drop the class?

Some common reasons for dropping are because you took on too many credits at once, you’re not a big fan of the professor, or you’d rather take another elective that aligns better with your interests or career path. If you just don’t feel like waking up early, or you think you can snag a spot in your buddy’s class down the line, you may want to put more thought into your decision!


2. Did I miss the add/drop period?

This one is important! Each school has an add/drop period at the beginning of the term. This means you can drop your class and pick up a new one with no repercussions. If you miss this time frame, ditching your class is considered a withdrawal instead of a drop. That means the course remains on your transcript (you’ll see a ‘W’ in place of your grade), and you may not get refunded.



3. Do I need this course to graduate?

Is the course you’re dropping required before graduation? If so, that means that many other students need that course as well, so it may get tricky trying to snag a spot again down the line.


4. Will I have enough credits if I drop the course?

Typically, you need at least 12 credits each term to be considered a full-time student. Keep in mind, becoming a part-time student can affect your financial aid, scholarships, and your status in any sports or extracurricular activities you’re a part of!


5. Will the course be offered again?

If this a course you need to knock off before graduation, you’ll have to make sure it’s offered again down the line! Sometimes courses are only offered during one term per year. If you’re graduating in May but the course is only offered in fall, you should probably stick to it!


6. Can I still pick up a new course?

Slacking on the amount of credits you take can affect your graduation date, and it could bump you down to a part-time student (see #4!). If you do drop your course, make sure there are spots open in other courses you’re interested in.

If any of these questions are leaving you uncertain, we definitely recommend chatting with your academic adviser. It’s always good to get a second opinion!


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