Avoid the Malls Like the Plague and STILL Get Your Shopping Done

There’s something for everyone at your campus bookstore.

Each year it’s the same story.  With exams and papers sucking up all of your precious time, you don’t have a minute to spare for holiday shopping.  As the clock ticks on and the big day (or days) approach, you still have not one gift checked off your holiday wish list.  So, once your last final is taken and your papers submitted, you trudge to the mall.

Now, the savvy shopper knows you don’t have to deal with angry mobs of people fighting over the “latest and greatest” at the mall.  Instead, you can shop online rather than stand in line.  Or avoid the mall completely and just shop at your campus bookstore.

But what on earth could you get for your friends and family at the bookstore as a gift?  Well, here are holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.

  • For the Workout Fiend: People who workout tend to have a ton of laundry to do.  Not only do they have their everyday wear to wash, but their sweat-infested gym clothes, too.  With that said, save them some time, energy (and water) and give them a new Champion hoodie to sport to the gym.  They’ll have one extra day of wear and tear before they have to take to the laundromat.
  • For Those Who Can’t Fold: What’s worse than washing clothes? Folding it.  Trust me, we know.  With all of those clothing displays, we’re constantly folding and re-folding.  So, take the pressure down a notch and pick up a rolled tee, instead.
  • For the Snuggie Protester: Not only does the Snuggie keep you warm and allow your arms to function, it’s also used as dancewear while gettin’ down to the Macarena (as displayed in the most recent Snuggie commercial).  But, for those who absolutely “will never wear a Snuggie” how about a good ‘ol fleece blanket as a gift?  A scarf and gloves set could work, too.
  • For the Technologically Advanced: It’s happened to you, we’re sure of it.  You’re running on the treadmill, earphones in, iPod or cell phone sitting on the treadmill dashboard– All of a sudden, your arm gets tangled in the headphone chord and your listening device goes flying.  Embarrassing? Yup. Just strap that bad boy to your arm next time with the XtremeMac Sportswrap.
  • For Animal Lovers: From cat t-shirts to slippers with dog heads, the animal lover in your life probably has it all.  But, does he or she have a USB drive in the shape of a penguin? Hmmmm?
  • For Cafe Mocha No-Whip Soy Latte Drinkers (or whatever): Reduce waste with all of those paper cups. A true cafe mocha no-whip soy latte drinker wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a non-fashionable cup anyway.  So pick up a mug for your coffee lover!
  • For the Sweetie-Pie: Treat your sweetie to some sweets.  Candy is delicious.  ‘Nuff said.
  • For the Ride: You treat your family and friends to gifts, why not treat your car, too?  It commutes to class with you, waits in rain or snow for you to finish studying at the library– It really deserves some love.  Dress it up with some school spirited accessories.

So, go forth and shop without the hassle.  We have all the gifts chosen for you, now it’s just time to purchase them online or in-store.  Find your campus bookstore at yourschoolyourbookstore.com.

Happy Holidays!


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