Ways to Spot a Freshman

A few weeks ago, we tweeted what we thought was a good tip for college students – College Tweet Sheet: Consider getting an ID holder for your #college ID card so you won’t have to carry your wallet around campus every day. We received a quick response from Dylan Hulser, who let us know that the tip was one of the ways in which upper-classmen can easily pick out freshmen. While we stand by our advice (it worked for us for 4 years!), we asked Dylan to fill us in on some of the obvious ways freshman stand-out as being new on-campus. Read on for his hilarious tell-tale signs that mean “You’re Probably a Freshman”.

If you show up to class on the first day wearing your Class of 2015 T-shirt….. You’re probably a freshman.

While you’re at it, make sure you stay away from any clothing that says Class of 2011, or your high school name. For good measure, stay away from your college’s gear for a little while too. Show off who you are, don’t just fit right in.I know, if you’re an athlete you’ve got lots of great workout gear, and this is the exception. But keep your high school basketball shorts in the gym, not the classroom.

If you are seen walking around campus with your ID card attached to your college lanyard with your room keys…. You’re probably a freshman.

Sure, it’s great to always have your keys and ID at the ready. You never know when you’re going to need it right? But connecting your keys and ID, then throwing them on a lanyard that you swing around as you walk from class to class is a sure fire way to let everyone know you’re a freshman. Instead, stick your ID in your wallet, and keep your keys in a pocket.

If you have to ask where to find a particular building…….you’re probably a freshman.

Nobody expects you to know where you are going on the first day of class your freshman year.  But do the smart thing and prepare yourself.   Take some time out of your day the day BEFORE classes start to find your buildings and classrooms.

If you walk into the dining hall with 25 of your closest friends…….you’re probably a freshman.

Freshman are known for always travelling together. Your first year you will easily spot groups of freshman walking from place to place, and all entering the dining hall at the same time. While this is great, and you need to get out and meet people, a group of 25 isn’t exactly conducive to conversation. Instead, try to spread out meals with smaller groups.

If you leave your door open 23 hours a day…….you’re probably a freshman.

This one is important. Especially in the first few weeks of classes you need to meet and interact with everyone you can. One great way to do this is to keep your door open, and visit others in your residential hall. With that being said, sometimes enough is enough. You need to be able to close up your door and have some “you” time.

If you “join” 18 clubs in the first two weeks, but never find time to attend any meetings…..you’re probably a freshman.

Everyone always says join every club that interests you and then figure out which ones you want to continue to be a part of. That may work for some, but not others. If you go around to each table at the student org fair on campus and put down your name and e-mail, the only thing you will end up getting involved in is deleting e-mails frequently. Instead, sign up for 2 or 3 clubs and be ACTIVE in them.

If you dress each day like you could be a model in GQ…. you’re probably a freshman.

Look, we all want to look good. But if you’ve got an 8am class, nobody is expecting you to be fresh off the pages of some magazine. Instead, stay laid back for early classes, dress a little nicer for day classes, and save the model clothes for your night life.

If you add every person you meet on Facebook…. you’re probably a freshman.

Adding people you meet on Facebook is one way of getting to know a little more about people and finding common ground. But every year there is one person that tries to add the entire freshman class. Add the people you have conversations with, not the ones that happen to join the same College ‘15 group that you did.



Written by Guest Blogger Dylan Hulser. Dylan is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College. After graduating in the spring, he plans to move to New York City to pursue a career in advertising.


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