January is “Get Organized Month” – Dorm Room Edition

It is quite common to feel as though there is just not enough space for all of your belongings within the confines of your dorm room. However, just because your room doesn’t boast the same square footage as a penthouse, doesn’t mean it has to be cramped and uncomfortable. With the help of your roommate(s) and a few of our useful tips, transform your room from an overcrowded, cluttered box to the living space you have always dreamed of.

Swap Schedules – Before you begin organizing your things, it is also important to observe how your room is going to operate. Are you and your roommate going to be running on similar schedules or will one of you have early classes while the other attends at night? The key here is simply to communicate. Print your class schedules and hang them in the room so you are both on the same page. Add any meetings or sporting events when they arise and keep each other in the general loop. After all, you don’t want to invite over a study group if your roommate is hoping to gear up before his or her big game!

Refresh your Refrigerator – Ever opened up your mini fridge to grab a drink and ended up rummaging around for ten minutes in order to find what you wanted (and then had to spend ten more minutes fitting everything back inside)? Overloading your compact fridge with unnecessary items is both inconvenient and time-consuming. Take an hour with your roommate to toss out any old or unnecessary items (like that month-old pizza slice, for instance). Once you’ve cleared out all the trash, put what you can in small, stackable containers that are easier to arrange. Put day-to-day items (Ex – Brita filter) towards the front and less-used items towards the back. Take advantage of any storage space on the door as well. Most importantly, check back and clean out every few weeks!





Save space by using furniture for more than one purpose!




Kill Two Birds with One Stone – Why have a small set of drawers AND an end table when you can have a set of drawers that acts as an end table? Finding ways to use furniture for more than one purpose can be incredibly valuable to the organization of your space.  Many ottomans, for example, not only act as extra seating but are also great for storage due to their hollowed-out interiors. Consolidating the amount of furniture in your room will open up more space and, therefore, make it easier to keep clean than a cramped area.

Take Advantage of all Storage Spaces – Less convenient spaces – such as under your bed or the back of your closet, for example – should not go to waste simply because of their locations. Use these less accessible storage areas for objects that are not used frequently, such as off-season clothing or extra towels. Inexpensive, rectangular containers with lids are great for storing a variety of objects and also prevent them from getting dusty. You can find a lot of options to help you store all of your stuff at your campus bookstore.

As is the case with other areas of organization, the most important thing to decide is what works for you. Have you found your own special way to keep things on track within your dorm room? Drop us a comment and let us know what you did!

We’ll be back next week to tackle another key area to your academic success – your desk! Check back for our guide to turning your desk from cluttered and messy to neat and organized. Need help with a specific organizational issue? Share it with us below and we’ll be sure to give you some advice!


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