Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Recap

There is a reason that millions of viewers tune into the Super Bowl every year. Sports lovers, music lovers – even food lovers – can all find a certain level of enjoyment while watching the Big Game. We’re here today to discuss one famous phenomenon in particular: the Super Bowl Commercial. Here are our favorites from the big game.






Don’t worry…it’s just her shell!


M&M’s Just My Shell: This is probably (hopefully) the only time that “nudity” will be permitted in a commercial and setting it to LMFAO’s catchy single was perfectly hilarious.

Doritos Sling Baby: All safety concerns aside, the Grandma and baby duo are sure to have you cracking up by the end of this commercial…and craving a bag of Doritos.

Matthew’s Day Off by Honda: Growing up, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was one of my absolute favorite movies so I thoroughly enjoyed each and every reference made throughout the advertisement. Younger generations or those who have not seen the film may have been a little lost, however.

So whether you were disappointed by Brady’s last attempt at a touchdown or were roaring with joy for Big Blue, take today to appreciate the tradition that’s become almost as big as the game itself. Did you have a favorite commercial that you wish we had included? Post a comment below!


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