Glamour’s Top 10 College Women 2012

The amazing winners of Glamour Magazine’s 55th Annual Top 10 College Women competition have seemingly done it all. They’ve founded charities, performed in front of grand audiences, and even broken records. We’re here to give you a glimpse of the kind of inspiring young women we’re talking about.



Age: 20

Major: Geographic Information Systems


Kaylee created Tunes 4 the Troops, which brought entertainment to troops all over the world. Aside from shipping more than 1 million to discs the soldiers all over the globe, she also cares for her family, especially her mother who was recently diagnosed with lupus. Kaylee says her grandfather has always been her role model. He was a Marine major and she says that “The way he treated people and served his country – I want to do that too.” We have a feeling she will!

Future goal: To be the first female Secretary of Defense


Age: 21

Major: Social Anthropology


Not only has Annie helped rally student volunteers to install water-purifying units in the Dominican Republic, she also has helped created a service to aid Indian women in receiving prenatal care. This Minnesota native is stopping there, however. She also hopes to stock US groceries with jackfruit which will help generate income for farmers in rural India. She isn’t fazed by the growing magnitude of her projects, though. “I do all these things because I love them,” she says.

Future goal: To receive her M.D. and M.B.A. and shape global health policy with the World Health Organization



Age: 21

Major: Government and Politics


In the fifth grade, Ola was diagnosed with both a heart defect and kidney failure. Because of this, she had to receive transplants of both major organs. Recently, she was diagnosed with a form of post-transplant cancer. Did you think this all slowed her down? Not a chance.

Ola decided to create the Sacred Hearts Foundation and Project Ascend. Sacred Hearts advocates for organ donation and provides children with illnesses with stuffed animals while Project Ascend funds a summer camp for low-income teens in Maryland. Ojewumi has been quoted saying, “While this condition is taking my life slowly, it’s giving me life too.” Powerful.

Future Goal: To become a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, fighting for international women’s rights



Age: 21

Major: Nursing

Though Yali has been in remission for 11 years now, she was once a child leukemia patient. She made her first handbag out of bandanas given to her by hospital nurses when she was only 10. All these years later, she’s still making bags featuring the paisley design – she even collaborated with Kate Spade through the Make-A-Wish foundation! In total, she’s sold about 2,000 bags and has donated all of the proceeds to an arts facility at the hospital she went to as a child.

Future Goal: To become a pediatric nurse practitioner and continue using art to help children with illnesses



Age: 21

Major: Bioengineering


Despite being only 21 years old, Colleen has earned 171 medals and 47 trophies throughout her athletic career. This all-star has participated in track, soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse and currently is a starting player on her NCAA Division I field hockey team. However, she is also ranked sixth in the nation for female cyclists and is the only woman ever to medal in a men’s cycling race. As if all of these athletic achievements weren’t enough, she was also the youngster person recruited by UMD’s honors program at 16.

Future Goal: To win an Olympic gold for track and cycling and to work as an orthopedic surgeon


Want to see who else made this inspiring list? Check out the full article here.


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