Five Steps to a Better Facebook Profile

In recent years, it seems as though developing the perfect Facebook profile has transformed into an art form. In a world as connected as ours, inappropriate or negative content on a social media platform can mean anything from losing a job opportunity to creating an awkward situation with a friend.

Many try to hide behind the theory that “It’s my profile and I can put it on it what I want.” This is true. However, at the end of the day, your profile is public and meant for social purposes. Ignoring certain rules of social media etiquette only invites in potentially detrimental situations. You wouldn’t behave badly in a public place, would you?

LinkedIn profiles should be kept strictly professional, while Facebook can be a little more personal. Personal, however, does not mean inappropriate. Not every post has to sound like a press release, but should be a positive reflection of you. We’ve got five easy guidelines to keep your Facebook on track:

1) Keep it positive. Inappropriate, derogatory, or profanity-filled comments should be avoided. Anything negative or mean is not only unnecessary, it’s childish and a poor reflection of your personality.

2) Don’t post inappropriate or embarrassing photos of yourself or anyone else. Ah, the tagged photo – one of the best AND worst things to happen to college students. Keep your pictures fun but, if anything seems iffy, don’t post it. You’ve probably worked hard to do well in school or at work so don’t blow it by uploading something embarrassing. Keep it classy.

3) Status updates are NOT your personal diary – don’t treat them as such. Believe it or not, most of your Facebook friends do not care about what you ate for lunch, your fight with your girlfriend, or the fact that you have a headache (unless, maybe, you’re Justin Bieber). Keep it to yourself, ESPECIALLY if you are complaining.

4) Upload a cover photo that is engaging, properly sized, and clear. You can’t avoid it any longer – Facebook Timeline is here. Get all of your info on the perfect cover photo here.

5) Rethink what info you share and check your privacy settings. It’s a good idea to keep your profile private to the public (users you are not “friends” with). You don’t want strangers knowing personal information.

Do you have other tips for keeping your Facebook profile in tip-top shape? Post a comment below!


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