Pintern Summer Challenge: DIY Colored Bobby Pins

Our next Pintern Challenge project features our Guest Blogger, Sydney. She’ll be sprucing up some plain bobby pins, just in time for summer! Summertime isn’t exactly the best time for good hair days. Heat and humidity calls for putting your hair up or styling it away from your face. My solution is always grabbing a few bobby pins and pinning the hair around my face back into small braids. The problem with this is that the bobby pins tend to stick out from my hair and look somewhat sloppy and boring.

Then I found this new tip from Pinterest! Using plain old bobby pins and some nail polish that you (probably) already have, you can turn those plain bobby pins into fun and colorful pins that will help with any bad hair day!

The Pin: DIY Colored Bobby Pins

All you have to do is put the pins onto a thick piece of paper or cardboard and space them about an inch apart.

Next, coat each bobby pin in the nail polish color of your choosing. Wait for the first coat to dry and then add one more coat in order to really bring out the color of the polish. Wait for the second coat to fully dry before wearing!

You can even paint stripes or any other designs if you are feeling daring! Use the nail polish brush or a thinner nail art/watercolor brush to make intricate designs.

This is a fun, easy and cheap way to spruce up your hairpins and add a little flare to your look! Tell us what you’ve done with this idea!

Written by Guest Blogger, Sydney Sheehan


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