Top 5 Movie Night Necessities

If you’re looking for a cheap, but entertaining way to spend some time with friends, a movie night is perfect for you. With just a few inexpensive items, you’ll be on your way to the ultimate movie night.

Keep reading to see what we came up with…

1. HDMI Cable ($10)

This cord is probably the single most important item you need if you want to have the most basic of movie nights with your friends. Because most college students use laptops with HDMI outlets, you can choose what you want to watch on the computer and hook it up to your common room TV monitor via the HDMI cable (provided that it is allowed by your school and you are not interfering with anyone else who was already watching something on TV, of course). If you are able to commandeer the common room, this is a definite buy that I recommend for all college students.

2. Large Plastic Bowl ($3)

Alright, so you were able to get the common room and you’re all hooked up to the TV monitor…what’s next? FOOD! College students need food wherever they are, or else something’s just not right. Get yourself a large reusable plastic bowl that is convenient enough to store in your room when you’re not using it, but is big enough to fit snacks for all your friends when it’s movie night. Popcorn, chips, candy, chocolate, pretzels, or any other snack food are great to munch on and share in a large bowl such as this. To take it one step further, I’ve even used a large bowl in my dorm to make pasta with my friends, served in plastic solo cups with plastic forks. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to wash all dishes after you’re done to avoid attracting unwanted insect roommates into your room.

3. Bungee Chair ($30)

Okay…you push play on your laptop, the movie begins, and the popcorn bowl is being passed around. Everyone on the floor smells the delicious buttery aroma and gravitates toward the common room. All of a sudden, there are twice the amount of friends you were expecting to watch the movie with you. There is enough food to eat and share but there are not enough chairs or places for people to sit. So, you get yourself a bungee chair from your room to add some extra seating. They fold up into almost nothing but open with one easy opening motion. They are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, despite their strange design and appearance. Definitely pick one up.

4. Cardboard Boxes (Free)

Oh no! Your RA just kicked you out of the common room for whatever reason and you and your friends are all standing in the hallway without a place to watch your movie. The next option would be to ask around and see if there is anyone you know who has a TV monitor (or any other HDMI compatible monitor) that doesn’t mind you using it for the night. Find that person, bribe them with popcorn and they will surely allow you to use their TV. You get to their room and realize that their furniture is completely blocking the TV. What’s a movie-watcher to do? It’s simple. Cardboard boxes tend to accumulate in dorms, especially near the garbage or recycling area. During the year, when you see these boxes (clean and empty ones) make sure to save a few of them in your room where you have some extra space. Use these boxes to (carefully) prop up someone’s monitor so that you and all your friends can see the TV clearly. This can be done with any large flat object as well.

5. TV Monitor ($200)

Say, however, you are unable to find a friend with a TV…in this situation, you can always buy your own. Now, of course I would advise to exhaust all previous options of shared use of TV’s in your dorm before this. When it comes down to it, however, flat screen TV monitors are not that expensive these days. You could buy a pretty decent HD TV monitor for around $199 which is very reasonable for something that you might use on a regular basis in your room or in your suite with your roommates and friends. At this point it is worth it to make the investment for your own personal TV monitor so that you can watch movies where you want whenever you want.

What are your other movie night necessities? Post a comment and let us know!

Written by Guest Blogger, Dan H. of Emerson College


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