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Here at The College Juice, we have a bit of a snacking problem…and maybe a peanut butter problem too. However, if you share in our creamy (or crunchy) snacking habit, we have some good news for you – there are ways to add the tasty spread to your snacking routine that are both healthy and delicious. So, before the cravings really kick in, we’re sharing some of our favorite, peanut buttery snacks in all their protein-filled glory! We’ve combed the snack-filled corners of the internet to bring you this mouthwatering list.

10 Ways to Make Peanut Butter Part of Your Healthy Snacking Routine

1. Spread some peanut butter over a rice cake and put a layer of bananas on top for a low calorie, high protein snack that will fill you up for wayyyyy longer than you’d think.

2. Make peanut butter oat squares over the weekend and have them to munch on throughout the week. They’re a much healthier choice than chips or cookies, but just as yummy! Find my favorite recipe here.

3. Peanut butter dip is a good way to get protein and your daily fill of fruits and veggies all into one snack. The recipe I like to use was found here.

4. A chocolate peanut butter smoothie is a filling and quick on-the-go meal to have before your early morning class. I like to use all-natural peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, almond milk and banana in my smoothie, but feel free to get creative! Pour it into a reusable water bottle and you’re on your way!


5. Peanut butter frozen yogurt can satisfy your sweet tooth, without the guilt of sugary ice cream. I found a yummy recipe here.

6. Making your own peanut butter protein bars is a good way to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Sometimes your protein bars just look like a brown blob, but at least you’ll know what’s in this one!

7. A peanut butter banana “sushi roll” can be a quick breakfast, a hearty snack, or dessert. All you have to do is spread some peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap, lay a banana down on top, sprinkle on some coconut flakes and roll the wrap around the banana. Slice the wrap into thin shushi-esque slices and you’re good to go!

8. Ants on a log are a good old throw back to childhood, but they’re just as delicious as they always were. If you don’t know what ants on a log are, you just spread some peanut butter on stick of celery (the log) and lay some raisins (ants) on top. Quick, easy, and super healthy – and much more delicious than its name suggests.

9. This next snack is a staple for a reason. Apples with peanut butter is one of my favorites because it’s so easy and never gets old.

10. My very favorite way to eat peanut butter though, is with a spoon… out of the jar. Just one scoop fills my cravings and I adore the nutty taste.

Written by Guest Blogger, Gabriella G. of the University of Miami


What do your snacking habits consist of? Tell us about them or share with us on Pinterest! @BNCollege


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