10 Summer Activities Under $10

Good news! Summer fun does NOT need to break the bank! Sure, you can make it an expensive summer if you really want to – but we’re here to help you save those hard-earned dollars. Check out top ten summer activities under $10!

1. I scream….you scream…we ALL scream for ice cream! Can you really go wrong with a summer evening (or afternoon) scoop of ice cream? And unless you’re going for that triple fudge, jumbo extra banana split, we don’t think you’ll be needing more than a couple bucks to finance this fun. Plus, you can always get some friends together and make your own for some bonus fun!

ice cream

2. Spend an afternoon at the museum. Smithsonian museums in DC are all free and totally worth it if you’re there. Even if you’re outside of our nation’s capital, check out your own local museums. Often, they host at least one free day a month and they have special ticket pricing for students. Do your research and get cultured!

3. Gather your friends together and host a potluck dinner! Set some rules first – each contribution should be homemade and cannot have cost more than $10. You’d be shocked with what amazing things you can make with $10 or less! Plus, it’s a great excuse to get your friends together, show off your hosting abilities, and see who has the best cooking *~skills~*

4. Missing the softball or baseball team you played for before you went off to college? Join a local rec sports team! Softball not your thing? Ultimate Frisbee and flag football teams are plentiful out there! Look around and see what’s available. Often times, there are no fees associated with joining a rec team, just fun and new friends!

5. Looking for a new view of your area or city? Start pedaling! Bike rentals are growing in popularity all over the country and prices for a 24hour rental are usually just under $10. You can’t go wrong!

i love to ride my bicycle

6. While most movie theaters have ticket prices that are skyrocketing, there are a few small, indie theaters that still exist….with ticket prices under $10! Check in with your local movie theater and see what’s playing, you might even discover a cool new film. Not into the indie scene? See if your movie theater offers a student discount for tickets, or even a weekly discounted night for cheaper tickets when you show your ID.

7. Participate in a local art gallery crawl…or better yet, plan your own! Get to know your local art scene and attend an art gallery crawl or get together with friends and create your own. Often, these gallery crawls are completely free and even include refreshments! It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and take part of a new cultural scene right in your backyard!

8. Take a hike! Stock up on $10 worth of healthy snack fuel and get out there. Trails are free and it’s a great way to get some exercise with friends or family, while taking in some Instagram-worthy views – #nofilter required.

9. Check out your local theatre! You may be surprised by the caliber of the plays they put on. You might even discover which of your neighbors or high school teachers are more musically talented than you had thought! Since this is no Broadway, tickets tend to be inexpensive and could make for a fun local evening out on the town.

10. Trade your $10 in for a roll of quarters and head to the arcade! Play pinball, skeeball or some classic basketball shooting games. Challenge your friends…or maybe even your parents and see who can win the most tickets…and get the best (or worst) prize!

skee ball

What activities that fit your budget are you finding this summer? Share it with us! #CaptureTheFun @BNCollege


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