Dorm-Room Hack: Ironing your Clothes

It’s time for some real talk here. Small, dorm closets aren’t ideal for keeping clothes wrinkle-free and in tip top shape. We’re also willing to bet that an iron or steamer isn’t at the top of your packing list for back to school. So, what’s a student to do?

It just so happens you’re in luck. It turns out there are a few neat tricks to de-wrinkle your clothes without even having to plug in an iron!  Plus, their simple methods and lack of complicated equipment make them totally dorm-friendly!

1. The Damp Towel Method

Lay your shirt on a flat surface like a desk or a table and press down with a warm damp cloth or paper towel. Smooth out the creased areas while placing heavy items like your textbooks around the outside of the shirt to stretch it out. Let it dry and you’re done.

2. The Shower Method

Do not put your shirt in the actual shower with you, that would be…counterproductive. The shower method just means that, while you are taking a shower, hang your shirt or clothes on a hanger nearby. Your clothes will soak up the steam filling the bathroom until the wrinkles magically fade. This method may take longer than others and will only work if the room builds up enough steam. However, it is by far the easiest – and laziest – method for you anti-ironers out there.


3. The Hairdryer Method

Blow-dry your hanging wrinkled clothes with your (or a friend’s!) hairdryer. Aim from about an inch or two away, but try to avoid direct contact with your clothes. Pull down on your shirts while you blow-dry the wrinkles so that they stretch apart and become straight again.

4. The Hair Straightener Method

Clean your hair straightener first with a wet cloth. Set your hair straightener to a moderate or low setting (higher if you’re dealing with a thicker material). Carefully, and we mean carefully, run your clothes through the hair straightener until the wrinkles have been removed. Do not leave the straightener clamped on in one area for more than a second or else you risk burning your clothes. If there is a certain item you wouldn’t use an iron on, don’t use the straightener on it either.

5. The Spray Bottle & Fan Method

While your fan is OFF, clip your piece of clothing to it. Turn the fan on low and spray warm water all over the fabric using a spray bottle.


There is a solution to everything. Always think outside of the box and you’ll be sure to find a way to innovate!

Written by Guest Blogger, Dan H. of Emerson College

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Got a dorm room hack!? Share it with us @BNCollege or in the Comments below!


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