Effortless Campus Style

We’ve all been there. Your alarm decides it doesn’t feel like going off so – the next thing you know – you’re sprinting across campus just to make it to class sort of on time. Since brushing your teeth takes priority over picking out a fashionable outfit (we hope so, anyway!), you seriously consider if it’s worth the embarrassment to wear your PJs into the classroom. Before you head out in your flannel pajama bottoms, check out our quick, trendy, and comfy solutions for that last minute dash to class.

1. Start with three: The easiest way to look like you put effort into your outfit is having at least three elements to your ensemble. Wearing a tee shirt and jeans? Throw on a baggy sweater or a flannel around your waist for your third piece. A little chilly? Throw a scarf around your neck as your third piece. It can be almost anything, but it never fails to make you look more put together.

2. Stack your jewelry: Stacks on stacks! Pile on the rings, throw on a few dainty necklaces, or stack up the beaded bracelets – any of these will do the trick! In this situation, less is not more.

3. Think big: Accessorize with a giant floppy hat, an oversized cardigan, gigantic sunglasses or a huge bag (even if you don’t have much to put in it). The bigger the better with this trend, but only wear one huge item at a time – you don’t want to look like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s closet.

effortless style 1

4. Go neutral: Solid neutral colors not only work well together, but always look crisp and clean. Throwing on a white tee with a beige sweater is an easy way to look put together.

5. Perfect your messy bun: A messy top knot is the epitome of “fashion meets function”. It looks good, but still pulls your hair out of your face! The top knot has made a huge come back recently and we couldn’t be happier about it. Find some Pinterest tutorials or just play around with it yourself to figure out the best and easiest one for you!

effortless style2

Written by Guest Blogger, Gabby G. of the University of Miami

Dashed Lines

What’s your go-to trick for effortless (and quick) campus style? Share your pics with us on Instagram or on Twitter @BNCollege.


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