#MondayMotivation: Exercise Edition

Staying healthy and making time to hit the gym can present pretty significant challenges for many college students. Between tough schedules and new environments to adapt to, finding time for fitness can be tricky. Without a rigid sports team schedule or mom around to kick you off the couch, it’s easy to get lazy….very quickly. There is always the intention to head out for a run but, somehow, Netflix and the comfort of your bed always win.

In honor of #MondayMotivation, we’re bringing you our favorite bits of advice for sticking to your exercise routine. Fear not – Netflix will always be there when you get back!

1. Set a Goal: Many people find it easier to stay on track when they’re working toward something, like an “ultimate goal.” If you’re a yogi, tell yourself you’re going to nail that headstand by the end of the month and don’t stop working until you get there! If you’re a runner, sign up for a race a few months in advance. Now that you’re committed to it, you can’t slack off!


2. Have a buddy or make some gym friends: Your gym experience tends to be much more exciting when you have someone to share it with. Whether it’s a friend who motivates you, someone you met at the gym, or a trainer you really like, have someone aside from yourself who wants you to succeed. You can also encourage and compete with each other as an added bonus!

3. Try out EVERYTHING: Make sure you use every free first class at every gym or studio around you; you never know what you’re going to fall in love with. Before I started doing yoga, I assumed it wouldn’t be for me because of how energetic I am. Little did I know, it would be one of the toughest and most invigorating workouts I ever tried. Now, because I found something I love, going to the gym is exciting and something I look forward to, rather than a hassle. Struggling to find the right workout? Check out Class Pass and their hook-up with all the local studios and try out a new and different workout everyday!

4. Get your mentality right: If you walk around all day complaining about going to the gym, you’ll never want to go. If you tell yourself over and over how fun the gym is and remind yourself of how good you feel after, you’ll get yourself pumped up and ready to go! Change your attitude, change your experience.

5. Look cute when you work out: Go beyond sweatpants and old concert tees for the gym! Break out the cute workout wear and get yourself excited to go out and show off your gym style.

Wardrobe Collages

6. Use Apps: There are tons of fitness apps out there that congratulate, inspire, and remind you to keep up your good work. We love using SworkIt and Map My Run to get us moving!  Tip: Tracking your own progress can often work as motivation to see how much better you can continue to get and start a little competition against yourself.

7. Notice how you feel: Exercise boosts endorphin levels and where endorphin’s go, energy and happiness usually follow! Take note of how you feel on a day that you have gone to the gym (hopefully awake and smiling), then take note of a day that you haven’t. You and your body will start craving that post workout rush!

Written by Guest Blogger, Gabriella G. of the University of Miami


Share your favorite workouts with us on Twitter or in the comments below!


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