What We’re Binge-Watching on Netflix This Summer

Rainy summer day? Too hot to leave the comfort of the cool AC in the house? Just feeling lazy after a stressful semester? The remedy for all of this and more, lies within one magic word.


Don’t know where to begin the binge? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite shows now available on Netflix. Some are old favorites, some are current smash hits – and all of them are worth a day spent lounging on the couch in search of some R&R. So, grab a friend, your cat, a couch, and get cozy!

Gilmore Girls.

To the glee of squealing fan-girls, Netflix recently added ALL 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls to their lineup. It’s the perfect show for every occasion – Saturday nights in, Monday mornings sick in bed…you name it! The show beautifully captures the adorably close, hilariously sassy, and undeniably enviable relationship between Lorelai and her teenage daughter Rory. It also takes time to add in some small-town drama and laugh at the lack of privacy that comes with living in the fictional and oh-so charming Stars Hollow, CT.Gilmore-Girls-Lorelai

That 70’s Show. 

Reminiscing about your old high school days…or your dad’s? There is plenty of room to relive your high school years with lead character, Eric Forman, and his silly and slightly rebellious group of best friends. Despite the fact that half the show time takes place in the main character’s basement, you’ll never get bored with this crew – in fact you’ll probably end up wishing that you grew up in the 70’s with them! Time to bust out the bell-bottoms.


This show is great for beating any homesickness that might accompany heading back to campus. When you’re missing your own family, you can take comfort in keeping up with the Parenthood family, the Bravermans. This show is awesome because the family is huuuuge, so there are tons of characters that you get to grow up with. You’re there for all their milestones and embarrassing moments and might even feel like part of the family. Plus, the superstar cast doesn’t hurt either – and yes, that includes a former Gilmore Girl!


Switching genres a bit, Naruto is a captivating Japanese anime series that tells the story of three middle school-aged ninjas as they train to become the very best. They eventually grow up too – but it takes a few hundred episodes! During this inspirational show, you experience the struggles and triumphs of your favorite character along their journey to strengthening their ‘jutsu’ and ‘chakra’. Confused? Don’t worry – you’ll get it when you start watching. Feel like sharing the couch? This is a great one to share with the fam because it’s perfect for all ages!

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Gossip Girl. 

Say “hello” to Blair and Serena and “goodbye” to your will power. We need to put a serious disclaimer here – once you start watching (and dreaming about) the glamorous and drama-filled life of the Upper East Side, you won’t be able to stop! Just like the books, the show is guided along by a mysterious and anonymous figure known only as Gossip Girl. Though no one knows for sure if Gossip Girl is even a girl, she keeps everyone – including viewers – updated with the all drama 24/7. Despite their penthouse apartments and designer clothes, the relationships and situations these privileged teens encounter are surprisingly relatable. So….why are you still here? Go watch!


Ready for another high school drama? Try the British route. Skins depicts the joys and struggles of growing up, focusing each episode on one character’s perspective – and giving us a great taste for each of the character’s personalities. Every two seasons you get a whole new set of characters, so even when your favorites graduate, you still don’t have to leave high school! Once you start watching, you’ll never stop – I’m talking reruns on reruns on reruns! Oh, and you might end up with a British accent by the end…but we’re not complaining.

Orange is the New Black.

Yes, of course, we had to include it. This Netflix Original show just released its third season to critical acclaim. Based on the memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman, the series is set in a fictional New York women’s prison, Litchfield. Episodes follow the colorful cast of inmates throughout their day-to-day lives behind bars, but also flashes back to their previous lives and what led them there in the first place. The show does an incredible job of humanizing an easily forgotten group of people….all the while keeping you entertained and hitting that ‘next episode’ button reaaaaal quick.

Yosub animated GIF

So tell us, what are YOU binge watching on this summer? Share what’s on your Netflix List with us (so we can add it to ours) on Twitter or in the comments below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Ilana S. of Rutgers University


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