Workout to Try: Martial Arts

Working out can be a challenge – especially when your day is filled with classes, work, and late-night study sessions. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is by switching up your routine and making exercise a fun part of your day. If you’re looking for a new workout that doesn’t require leaving the comfort of your dorm – look no further! We’re exploring the fun new trend of self-taught martial arts, which can be as simple as following along with the experts on YouTube. Check out our guide below for how to get started!

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First things first, set up your space.

Quick tips: 

  • Try to have a lot of space in the center of your room so that you have a large enough area to move around
  • Leave some empty wall space available to put a full length mirror on so that you can watch yourself and learn as you practice
  • Start at the beginner level and work your way up
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing – avoid anything that restricts your movement

Though karate is one of the more popular martial arts methods, don’t be afraid to try something new!

Try different styles and methods.

Krav Maga: This self-defense system, created for the Israeli Military, is based upon street fighting, boxing, and wrestling skills. It combines the most practical methods for self-defense, avoiding conflict, and ending a fight as quickly as possible.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used for grappling tournaments, mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, and even self-defense. It can be quite physical and involve many techniques similar to traditional wrestling while also helping to develop your balance.

Judo: This modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport originated in Japan in the late 1800s. Judo masters develop incredible balance skills because the majority of Judo techniques involve manipulating and using your own body weight to your advantage.

Mixed Martial Arts: MMA was developed based on a variety of other combat sports and martial arts. It allows the use of striking and grappling techniques. Some believe that MMA is by far the best martial art style to learn because it combines the best techniques from countless martial arts around the world.

Remember to be safe and conscious of your surroundings when practicing and working out. Never use any martial arts to hurt anyone. Martial arts can be fun and give you a great new option to get your sweat on but they should be learned with great responsibility and care. Wax on, wax off. Good luck, young grasshoppers.

Written by Guest Blogger Dan H. of Emerson College


How do you get your sweat on? Do you practice Martial Arts? Share your fave workouts with us on Twitter OR in the Comments below!


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