Halloween Decoration Inspiration

Halloween is hands-down one of the best holidays to celebrate on campus. No matter what day it falls on, it always seems to get extended by at least a full week of costume parties and plenty of candy. If you’re used to decorating back at home with your family and want to continue the tradition back in your dorm or apartment, we’ve got some seriously fun and spooky decoration inspiration to get you going!

1. Set the Mood

Throw on your favorite ‘Monster Mash’ playlist and open up your door to get everyone down the hall in the mood too! While you’re at it, throw on a fun Halloween movie and host a movie night. The screening party will be the perfect time to show off all your decorations and you may even get some more spooky inspiration for your dorm room…

2.Cut the Carving

Instead of the VERY messy pumpkin carving (which may leave you with a cranky RA or roommate,) grab some dorm-sized pumpkins, paint, and get decorating! You can easily recreate your favorite jack-o-lantern looks, or paint on a Halloween themed design to your pumpkins and create your very own sparkly pumpkin patch for your dorm room! Plus, paint is slightly more reliable…and (safer) than a carving knife.

3. Sweeten the Deal

CANDY! Isn’t that really what Halloween is about after all? Obviously, we recommend grabbing a bowl and throwing all your favorite treats in there for dorm trick-or-treaters or for your own study snacking. And if that isn’t enough, we say decorate your dorm with some candy inspired looks! We love this easy paper plate craft that gives you a candy corn banner to hang across your room.

candy corn banner

4. Look to Literature

Take some decorating hints from some of the creepiest pieces of literature. We love these raven decorations and crafts inspired by Edgar Allen Poe‘s Nevermore but there are PLENTY of spooky BOOks out there for you to draw inspiration from. And hey, it may be a great way to bond with that new literature professor this semester!

5. Pass on the Tricks, Go for the Treats

Last but not least….food. Yes, we know that it’s hard to decorate with food but it could certainly be something to inspire you to get into the Halloween spirit this year! We are LOVING this fun twist on candy apples (because, HELLO, who can say ‘no’ to candy apples!?) Except these look like your favorite character from Nightmare Before Christmas….Mr Jack Skellington. While you’re licking the extra candy topping from the bowl, you just might get inspired to decorate with an all black and white look…or surprise your roommate with some sticky cobwebs all over their bed!

We LOVE this DIY Tutorial from WonkyWonderfulCheck it out!

Jack Skellington


Now it’s YOUR turn! What creepy crawlies are you decorating your dorm with and what Halloween movie will you be playing on repeat till the 31st? Share your inspiration with us on Twitter and definitely share your pics with us on Instagram!


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