25 Reasons to LOVE Thanksgiving

Personally, we think Thanksgiving doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Each year, it’s pushed aside to make way for candy canes and snowflakes and holiday shopping – but we think that needs to change! That’s why we’ve pulled together 25 reasons to love Thanksgiving just as much as we do. Please enjoy.

25 Reasons to Love Thanksgiving

1. There is extra time to hang out with family you haven’t seen since Labor Day (*cue the tears from mom*).

2. The Macy’s Day Parade balloons are getting more absurd each year.

3. No classes for a few days means you might actually get to relax.
Classes I Don't Have

4. Home-cooked meals are the best kind of meals.

5. Instead of having to “choose a side dish,” you get to have a serving of each…

6. …or maybe three servings of each.

7. Gravy. On. Everything.

8. Whether or not you’re a fan, football seems a little more exciting on Thanksgiving.

9. However, if you still can’t get into football, the Puppy Bowl is there to fill the void.


10. The Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite shows are often some of the best.

11. If you can’t make it home (or just want to celebrate twice), you can always host an awesome Friendsgiving.

12. It’s the one day of the year NO ONE can judge you for Instagramming your mouth-watering #foodpics.

13. One word: pie.


14. The weather is usually still mild, so you don’t have to shiver your way from the car to the front door.

15. However, it’s still cool enough to bundle up in a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks.

16. Hot Chocolate is a perfect after-dinner beverage.

17. There’s a good chance that at least one relative will be there to provide hilarious jokes and entertainment.

18. When else do you really get to take full advantage of all the fancy plates and silverware?

19. Since there is no work or class the next day, you can sleep off the food coma as long as you want.

Food Coma

20. You get see all of the pets you’ve been missing since you left for school (and might even slip them some food under the table).

21. Comfy clothing (like sweatpants) is not only welcome, but encouraged.

22. Kicking off a holiday movie marathon.

23. Hanging out and games with family (Apples to Apples, anyone?).

24. The party doesn’t stop on Thursday! Leftovers keep the celebration going for DAYYYYYS.

25. There really is a lot to be thankful for, so it’s nice to have a whole day to celebrate that with the people you care about most.


What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Post a comment below!


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