7 Bad Habits to Kick Next Semester

You know that feeling at the start of each semester where you swear you’re going to be a better student? We know it all too well! A new semester is a new chance to start fresh and kick the bad habits that left you struggling to get those top notch grades you wanted in the past. We know it’s not easy to keep that motivation, though. As the semester goes on, we get tired and often fall back into old bad habits. But, it really is a great idea to recognize what you need to change. To help you out a bit, we came up with this list of 7 bad habits that you really should kick next semester. Take a look and think about how you can help yourself kick these habits to the curb for good. It’s only going to help in the end!


1. Pulling all-nighters

Sometimes we feel like pulling an all-nighter is the only way to get in all the studying we need to complete. Unfortunately, the truth is that your plan will only backfire. Sleeping helps us retain information we’ve learned, so it actually is an important part of studying. Not only that, but depriving yourself from sleep will only make it harder to concentrate during your exam and will make you feel like complete garbage. There’s nothing positive about that!


Sleepy Cat

2. Eating too much junk food

It’s college, which means we’re surrounded by junk food with small prices that keep our wallets happy. Not to mention, it’s delicious. It’s completely understandable that we often pig out on junk food all the time as students. I mean, who even has time in their busy schedule to prepare a healthy meal? Especially when the McDonald’s around the corner accepts your school’s dining dollars or the campus cafeteria has that awesome ice cream machine.

Realistically, though, you’re really just harming yourself. There are all sorts of nasty health problems caused by eating poorly. Eating poorly also makes you feel sluggish, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to be productive in your classes. Eating healthy really isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing. Educate yourself on the healthier options your school’s dining hall serves. And if you have your own kitchen, The College Juice is filled with healthy and EASY recipes you can prepare yourself.


3. Skipping club meetings

You know how you joined that club in the beginning of the year so that you could add more professional experience to your resume? Do you still actually even go? Don’t judge yourself for it. As we get further into the semester we become more swamped with school work and definitely more tired, so it’s easy to just skip those club meetings that aren’t even mandatory. However, in the long run you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information. A professional organization really helps set you up for your future. They can be great for networking, getting advice from professionals in your intended field, and open doors for internship opportunities you would have never heard of otherwise. Even though the meetings might not be mandatory to attend, making them a priority is a great habit.


4. Multitasking while studying

It’s time to study for that test and you have your TV on, Twitter opened in the next tab on your computer, and Instagram opened on your phone. At this rate, you’ll be studying all night! Focusing on just one thing at a time will help you to better retain all the information, and once you get your studying out of the way, you have the whole rest of the day to relax and browse through social media. Instead, try making your social media a reward. For example, for every 5 pages of your textbook that you read, you get to check up on Twitter for the next 5 minutes.




5. Skipping the maximum amount of classes allowed

During syllabus week we all actively wait to hear the answer to our golden question: how many classes can we skip before it affects our grade? Don’t lie, we all think about it! But, how about this semester you try to kick that habit? Because after all, it actually is still affecting your grade since you’re missing out on notes, discussions, and one on one time with your professor.


6. Studying from bed

Studying from bed is where most of the distractions come in. Suddenly you’re falling asleep, thinking about all the clothes you have to pick up on your floor, or just plain getting distracted by that TV show your roommate has on. Sit at a desk or go to the library. Trust us, you’ll instantly feel more focused.


7. Texting during class

We get it. Lectures can be long and monotonous. But why even bother being there if you’re just going to be on your phone the entire time? The point of class isn’t just to show up. You should want to make the most of it and actually learn. After all, think about how much you’re paying to be there. You can use your phone later.


Texting During Class


Do you have any other habits you want to kick this semester? We would love to hear them! Comment below or tweet us.


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