#DownloadWorthy: My College Bookstore App

At Barnes & Noble College, we try to make things as convenient as possible for our students. We know that as college students, there always seems to be a million and a half things going through our minds at once. Between classes, exams, part-time jobs, our social lives and studying, student life is super busy!

The My College Bookstore App takes your campus bookstore and makes it more convenient for your busy life. In other words, you can gain access to all of your bookstore needs right from the palm of your hand! If you’re still not convinced, we’ve listed some of the great features that make it worth the download:

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Shop the bookstore.

Need something from the bookstore? Order it right from your phone instead of making the trip. From textbooks to apparel – it’s all there! You’ll also receive 25% off one school spirit item just for downloading!

Rental due date reminders.

Hey, we get it. During finals, you’re more worried about studying and passing your exams than getting your textbooks back in time. We totally understand that these things can easily slip your mind. But don’t worry, with the app you’ll be notified when your textbook is due. There’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Order notifications.

You’ll be able to track your orders and shipments right from your phone!

Exclusive sales and discounts.

Don’t worry about missing out on great offers because you’ll always be kept in the loop. You’ll be the first to know about bookstore promotions and events! Your wallet will thank you.

Up-to-date articles from The College Juice.

Our favorite feature! (Although maybe we’re a little bit biased here). You’ll have access to all the tips, tricks and good reads available to you on The College Juice right from your phone. New content is posted directly to the app’s feed, so finding the freshest articles is simple!


Interested in downloading? The My College Bookstore app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Remember, you’ll receive 25% off one spirit item when you download!


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