7 Small Ways to Stay Organized Every Day

If you asked any upperclassman what the key to a successful semester is, they would probably tell you to stay organized. Why? Because your grades, time management skills, and your productivity all stem from how organized you are. We’ve got some tips so you can keep your organization game strong every day!


1. Find a designated spot for all of your desk top essentials.

It’s easy to just throw all of your belongings onto your desk after a long day of classes – but when it comes time to study, you probably don’t want to waste time rummaging through everything just to find a working pen and that notebook you need. Find some space-saving storage products so you can keep the clutter off of your desk—such as pencil holders, book ends, and document holders.


2. Prepare for your day the night before.

Waking up for an early class and having nothing prepared is a dreadful feeling. Trying to pack your bag for a day of classes when you’re still half asleep? No thanks! Tip: Planning your outfit the night before is a great idea, too!


3. Come up with a note taking method.

Just jotting down words into a notebook will be hard for you to follow when you’re looking back at them to study for finals months later. Come up with a consistent way to take notes that will be easy for you to follow, and then use that method for each class. Not sure where to start? Check out this note-taking method called Cornell Notes.


4. Keep a planner.

Planners are a great way to keep track of assignments and due dates. Although your syllabus will provide you with all of your assignments for the semester, it’s much more stress-free when you record your due dates for every class in one easy place.


5. Label your notes with page markers or Post-it flags.

Using page markers in your notebook is an easy way to find what you’re looking for when you go back to study. Make sure to label each marker with a keyword that explains what the notes in each section are about. It also helps to organize each chapter with a different colored marker.


6. Write a daily to-do list in a easily visible place.

To-do lists don’t take long to make at all, and they’re a simple way to keep track of what we need to get done. We suggest writing your to-do list on a dry erase board that you can hang in your dorm room. This way, it’s easily visible and you can quickly edit your to-do list each day.


7. Color coordinate materials.

Assign each class a different color and have all of your notebooks and binders for that class match. This is super convenient when you need to pack your bag for class – it’ll ensure that you don’t accidentally take the wrong notebook or folder when you’re in a hurry.



When you add some organization into your life, you’ll be surprised how much you can really accomplish! Let us know how you stay organized in the comments below or on Twitter.







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  1. Amber says:

    Love the tips!

    Post-its are a great tool to use as well. I use them when I study or during class to jot down anything that comes to mind so when I’m done studying or done with work if I still have unanswered things or things to look up I can do it without getting distracted at the time. 🙂

  2. Raymond T says:

    Another way is get a MacBook pro, pencil and notability app. And write everything there.

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