Unique Grad Gifts You Can Personalize

Graduation season is here, which means plenty of celebrations and grad parties ahead. Such a big accomplishment deserves the right recognition. What better way to show someone you’re proud than to give them a thoughtful and original gift? What you may not realize is that you don’t need to empty your wallet on something expensive just to make your gift meaningful. Making sure your gift is personal and thoughtful is what really leaves a lasting impression. One way to make your gift stand out is to get something customizable – nothing says thoughtful like taking the time to have something personalized! We pulled together a list of unique gifts that you can personalize, so you can show your loved ones how much they really mean to you.


1. My M&Ms

Show the grad how proud you are with a personalized graduation gift that commemorates his or her achievement in a sweet way. You can create a custom blend of 25 M&M’S® candy colors, then complete the gift with a personal message, clip-art and a picture.

These M&Ms are also fun favors for grad parties. With 25 colors to mix and blend, you can perfectly coordinate your graduation favors with your school’s colors. Plus, add a congratulatory or inspirational message, graduation-themed clip-art, or even a photo of the scholar! Order your treats here.




2. Throw Blanket

It’s no secret that napping is a favorite hobby among college students. Cater to the grad’s interests with a personalized throw blanket. Trust us, it will be a useful gift! Blankets can be personalized with a congratulatory message and the name of the graduate. You can order one here.

Bonus: We also found a personalized snuggie!


3. Starbucks Tumblers/Travel Mugs

You’ve likely seen personalized wine glasses and mugs all the time, but how often do you see a personalized Starbucks tumbler? This gift is perfect for the coffee lover, and it’s practical being that the grad will soon be entering the real world where drinking coffee is basically as common as drinking water. With these adorable cups, you can customize the color, type of drink, and the name. Order yours here.




4. Drink Coasters

Coasters are a fun and original way to display photos that will remind the grad of their time at college. You can make them graduation-specific by using pictures of the grad in their cap and gown, or just send them down memory lane with a variety of photos from their college career. You can order them here, or try this DIY version!


5. RetroViewer

For an even more original and quirky way to display photographic memories, why not try a RetroViewer? You might have played with these toys as a child, but now they’re back! It’s pretty safe to say this gift will be memorable, and you definitely won’t have to worry about someone buying the same gift as you. You can buy the viewer here, and then select your favorite photos to create a personalized reel.




6. Silver Fortune Cookie

This idea is the perfect meaningful gift – the silver is classic, the message in the fortune is sentimental, and the idea is original. It’s a cute way to send the grad an inspirational message, and they’ll be able to hang onto it forever. Personalized silver jewelry is sweet, but we think this adorable alternative is way more original and meaningful! Order yours here.


7. Puzzle

Put the grad’s new college education to the test with a challenging personalized puzzle. This is a fun hands on gift that allows you to choose the image displayed on the puzzle and the container that comes with it. We suggest using a photo of the grad in their cap and gown, then adding some text with an inspiring message. When they complete the puzzle, they can either store it in the tin to try again later, or they can glue it intact onto a canvas or piece of cardboard and frame it for display. Purchase yours here.



It means a lot when something is personalized just for you. These ideas show that you actually put thought and effort into your selection. You can forget the cliché flowers and jewelry – with gifts this unique and personal, you’re sure to leave an impression.



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