Five Storage Must-Haves for Your Dorm

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One of the hardest parts of dorm life is dealing with the notoriously small amount of space that you’re given. In a dorm, you have to fit everything you need for studying, eating, showering, and socializing in addition to your general bedroom essentials. The good news is you can find room for everything you need with proper storage. Make the most of your small space with these must-have storage essentials that our partners at Bed Bath & Beyond put together, so you can make sure that you’re prepared for dorm living.


1. Underbed Storage

Make use of the empty space under your bed with storage bags. Under bed canvas or plastic bags can hold sweaters, clothing, shoes, and more while keeping it all dust free, out of the way, organized, and in easy reach. Look for storage bags with a clear top, they make finding those stored items a breeze.

Tip: Invest in bed risers for more underbed storage space. Check with your school to make sure these are allowed.




2. Over-the-door Pocket Organizers

Yes, your door can be a storage spot also. Over-the-door organizers simply hang over the back of a door, providing lots of storage space. Organizers with pockets can be multi-functional since they can store shoes, cosmetics, hair products, jewelry, and scarves.

Tip: If you’re storing more than shoes, go for an organizer with clear see-through pockets.


over the door pockets


3. Stackable Bins or Cubes

Make the best use of vertical space with modular storage options like Cube Grid. Storage bins are available in coordinating room décor colors, designs, and different sizes. Some storage totes have covers that protect contents such as our Studio 3B Underbed Grommet Tote and easy carry handles like our Studio 3B Grommet Tote collection.

Tip: Use plastic stacking drawers if you want to be able to see what is stored.



4. Storage Ottoman

This versatile, multifunctional furniture piece is a must-have dorm room necessity. It is perfect for storing essentials, provides extra seating for guests, and of course, makes a great resting place for stretching out your legs.

Tip: For those items you want within easy reach, ottomans with outside pockets provide even more convenient storage space.

ottoman 3

5. Shoe Organizer

Regardless of whether you have a shoe obsession or not, throwing your shoes haphazardly on a closet floor or under your bed isn’t going to work. A shoe bag or rack will help you keep pairs together and locate the pair you are looking for quickly and easily.

Tip: Use space savers like Shoe Slotz to turn any shelf or flat surface into a shoe rack.





Small dorm rooms are much less intimidating when you have the proper storage. Make sure to share photos of your college shopping experience and all of your amazing dorm room finds with #StudentLifeHappens!


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