Why You Should Keep a Journal

It’s easy to dismiss keeping a journal as a hobby for melodramatic pre-teens, but it’s actually an activity that’s good for your mind, your memory, and your creativity. Before you decide that you’re too busy or too cool, let us show you why you should reconsider.



Journals are the best listeners.

You might have friends and family members to share your problems with, but you certainly don’t want to burden them with your troubles all the time. Your journal is always there for you to vent to – judgement free!


Writing in a journal helps relieve stress.

Studies show that writing about your emotions may have calming and healing effects. It’s like fitting a yoga class and therapy session in a pocket-sized notebook!


Recording your achievements helps you remember them.

Did you snag your dream internship? Did you help out a good cause? Write it out! You can go back and reflect on these feel-good moments when you need a little pick-me-up.




Reading previous entries helps you remember that you can get past ANYTHING!

Not feeling at the top of your game lately? Your journal will remind you that you’ve had some down moments in the past as well….but you’ve always gotten past them.


Transcribing your feelings puts a stop to those nagging thoughts.

Ever have one of those days where nasty, intrusive thoughts keep clouding your mind? Focus on getting them out of your head and onto your paper. You might just feel lighter once you do!


Writing down your memories helps you appreciate them down the road.

A journal is basically your personal literary time capsule. Imagine reading all of your thoughts again 10 to 20 years in the future! It’s great for self reflection or just to appreciate all the experiences you’ve had.


What do you use your journal for? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!






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