Seven Dorm Room Items You’ll Want to Remember

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Moving into a new space is stressful enough. The last thing you’ll want to worry about after move-in day is running back to the store for all of the important dorm room items you didn’t realize you needed. Check out this list of commonly missed dorm room items that our partners at Bed Bath & Beyond put together, so you can make sure that you’re prepared for dorm living.


1. Shower tote/caddy

Sharing a communal bathroom takes some getting used to, but what you probably didn’t realize is that you will be juggling your personal hygiene items down the hallway if you don’t use a tote or caddy to store them.


Shower Caddy


2. Mattress pad or topper

Most dorm mattresses are nothing more than lumpy, old messes. The simple fix is to encase the mattress in a mattress protector or pad, and then add a memory foam mattress topper for extra comfort and a great night’s sleep.




3. Desk lamp

Dorm rooms have minimal furnishings, which usually means poor overhead lighting.  Bringing a desk lamp helps direct the light where you will need it. Some desk lamps come with compartments and USB ports for organizing and holding odds and ends.


Desk lamp


4. Hangers

Don’t be caught off guard when you open the tiny closet to find it completely empty. Dorm rooms aren’t like hotels and hangers aren’t included. Don’t forget to bring different types of hangers to accommodate shirts, slacks, or skirts.




5. Laundry bag

Mom won’t be there to do your laundry anymore, but at least a laundry bag will keep all of your worn clothes in one spot. Easily carry them off to the laundry room – just don’t forget the laundry detergent!




6. Extension Cords and Surge Protectors

Another dorm surprise is the scarcity of electrical outlets. You and your roommate are going to need a place to plug in and recharge laptops, tablets, cell phones, lamps, hairdryers and lots more electronics. Bringing several extension cords and surge protectors (to protect more valuable electronics safely) will alleviate this problem. Make your life even easier by looking for extension cords and surge protectors that come with a couple of USB charging ports.




7. Removable Wall Hooks

Most colleges do not want students making holes in dorm walls and if you do there is usually a bill when you leave at the end of the term. But don’t let that stop you from personalizing your space. Pick up several packages of 3M Command Hooks. They are a great way to hang wall décor without any damage. The hooks come with adhesive strips that don’t leave any damage when removed, and they firmly hold objects on the wall.


command strips



Make sure to add these necessary items to your packing list. It’ll be a nice feeling settling into your new dorm knowing that you have everything you need. Now you’ll be able to focus on the exciting parts of starting college–meeting new people and exploring your new home. Make sure to share photos of your college shopping experience and all of your amazing dorm room finds with #StudentLifeHappens!



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