Upscale Your Style: Upgraded Décor for your Dorm or Apartment

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Storage, bedding, laundry…you’ve already taken care of the basic living essentials. Now it’s time to really make your space your own. Add some personality and style to your space with this list of upgraded décor from our partners at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Removable Wallpaper

Say goodbye to mundane white walls. This peel-and-stick wallpaper will add a pop of color to any room – without causing damage! Try creating one accent wall to break up the white space.




‘Icon’ Printed Canvas Wall Art

Leave those flimsy paper posters at the door and upgrade to printed canvas wall art instead. We suggest pairing them with wall décor of different sizes, then arranging them gallery-style for a chic and modern look.


icon art


Zig Zag Wall Mount Shelf

Gone are the days where you have to display your belongings on your cramped desk. This innovative shelf fits snug in the corner of your room and includes five levels for display.




Hashtag Throw Pillows

Is social media your second language? Your space will definitely be Instagram-worthy with the right décor. These cute hashtag throw pillows are perfect for enhancing a plain couch or bed.




Fragrance Sticks

Not only are these trendy fragrance sticks and vases aesthetically pleasing, but they also eliminate odors and give off a pleasant fragrance for up to two years. That’s 730 days of scented bliss!

772837221237cDecorative Wall Clocks

Add a touch of personality to your space with one of these quirky clocks. From Felix the Cat to Homer Simpson, these themed clocks are perfect conversation pieces.




Faux Fur Pillows, Throws, and Rugs

It’s not a myth: Luxury and comfort can coexist. These faux fur pillows, throws, and rugs look as indulgent and inviting as they feel. Don’t be surprised if your guests refuse to leave.

faux fur


Butterfly Lounge Seats

Playful, portable, cute, comfy—there’s a lot to love about butterfly seats. And here’s the sweetest thing: The chair cradles your body the way a mother would hold her baby. You just found your new happy place.



Hanging Photo Holders

Instagram shouldn’t be the only place where you share amazing photos. Every wall in your home is a real life homepage! Show off your snapshots creatively on a wire picture display. You can also try a fun, chic twist on a clothesline.



Salt Lamp

With the addition of a salt lamp, you can turn any room in your home into an instant Zen garden. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the heated Himalayan salt crystals also radiate ions that help detox and deodorize the air. Say, “Ahh!” (or “Om!”).




How will you upscale your style? Make sure to share photos of your college shopping experience and all of your amazing dorm room finds with #StudentLifeHappens!



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