The Funniest, Craziest, and Straight-Up Weirdest Roommate Stories Pt. 2

Moving in with a total stranger is always a gamble, and we’ve collected some of the craziest roommate stories we’ve heard to prove it. If you haven’t yet read our first installment, go ahead and check it out here. We’ll wait!

Ready for more? We loved your roommate stories so much, we decided to ask you guys to keep sending them in. Check out some of our favorites!


*Stories have been edited for clarity and/or length.


1. The Valentine’s Day Victim

On Valentine’s Day, my roommate and I both received flowers from our long distance boyfriends. My flowers came with a vase and hers did not. She was pretty upset by this. As I came back from class later that day, I found my flowers draped over my computer keyboard and her flowers sitting gloriously in my vase. I then proceeded to boil water and pour it into her vase with Windex. Not my best moment, but a freshman version of revenge.

Submitted by Elisa G.




2. The Other Woman

I’m in my room with my roommate when she tells me that her boyfriend is coming in to hangout. I’ve never seen her boyfriend and she’s never seen mine, but they both go to school here. We hear a knock at the door, so I get up to answer and see that it’s my boyfriend. My roommate then runs over and kisses him, while I step back and look at her like “What is this?!” She introduces him to me as her boyfriend, to which he replies, “I didn’t know you guys were roommates,” and then left. I have never packed my things so quickly to move to another place in my life! Moral of the story: MEET YOUR ROOMMATE’S BOYFRIEND!

Submitted by Anonymous


5. The Notorious Night Owl

When I was 18, I had this one roommate who was very…memorable…to say the least. When she moved in, she only brought one giant garbage bag full of black clothes. She brought no sheets, blankets, food, or toiletries. She even slept during the day and stayed out all night, and never bathed or anything. My neighbors weren’t big fans either. Though we were at school, I never actually saw her study. One of my friends eventually found out she was a LARPer (Live Action Role Player), which, at least, explains why she was a night owl. Luckily, she thought I was weird and requested to be moved. LOL.

Submitted by Avet W.




3. The Midnight Mishap

Two days after moving in, I was exhausted from the constant walking outside in the heat of August. I decided to go to bed fairly early while my roommate stayed awake on her computer. Around dawn, I woke up to a sound from outside our window, and I looked over to see my roommate’s bed was empty. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and saw the same picture. It wasn’t until I checked my phone that I realized my roommate had left our room to use the bathroom and nicely shut the door, but forgot her key in the room! She was locked out and called me several times to wake me up, but I didn’t wake up in the slightest. When I got out of bed, I saw her in our suitemates’ room sleeping on their rug. Even though I felt so bad for not hearing her knocks on the door or her calls, we still laugh about it to this day. Oh, the mistakes of freshman year!

Submitted by Lindsay B.


4. The Selfish Suitemate

During my freshman year of college, I shared a suite with three girls. At first, everyone got along except for my roommate and one suitemate. They fought about everything, including hair color. A few months go by and the crazy suitemate has chased out both her roommate and mine, so two new girls come in the following semester. Within weeks they were also chased out. Now, it was just me and my lunatic suitemate. When my friends knocked at the door, she’d tell them to quit being disrespectful by knocking and that they should text me to get my attention instead. She made it clear that no male guests were allowed over, yet she had her boyfriend over every day. And, there were times when she would last minute tell my roommates not to come into the dorm room (even though they were paying for it), just because she wanted to be alone.

Submitted by Caitlyn K.




6. The Noise Intolerant

For the first half of the year, my roommate and I got along just fine. Around midterms, I was in our dorm talking on Skype in a group chat. She comes in, says nothing, sits on her bed and starts to read. I think nothing of this and continue my conversation. She then randomly, and very angrily, screams at me to shut up because she was trying to study for midterms. She even had tears in her eyes, so I felt awful, apologized and hung up the call. I thought that that was the only problem she’d have with me. Well throughout the rest of the term, things of mine went missing and she talked to me less and less. When I came back from class one day, my dorm was half empty. It turned out that she moved next door. She then repeatedly left messages on my white board in permanent marker about what a horrible next door neighbor I was, and how I kept her up every night until 3 am (at BEST I stayed up until 1 am). I voiced this to the RA, who rolled her eyes and said that the walls are too thick and no one could hear me. I still got quieter at night, but I never was exactly a loud person either.

Submitted by Anonymous


Think you can top these stories? Share yours below in the comments!





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