Spine-Tingling Campus Ghost Stories From Our Readers

Colleges are old… really old. Campuses across the country are riddled with urban legends of ghostly encounters and seriously spooky happenings. Halloween is around the corner and we thought it was the perfect time to have our readers share their most spine-tingling experiences from college. Get ready to have goosebumps!


*Stories have been edited for clarity and/or length.

Things That Go Bump.

It all started the first week of October. My roommate had to unplug the TV because it would turn on by itself around 1:30 AM.  I go home every weekend to work in my home town, and one weekend my roommate told me she heard a very light knocking on her side of the wall and a noise coming from the closet. This same weekend, one of our friends spent the night and witnessed the TV turn on again. When she looked over, she claims to have seen my roommate sitting at her desk, but it was 1 AM and my roommate was asleep in her bed. The next night around 1:40 AM, my roommate and I were going to sleep and I heard someone whisper, “hey” from the closet. Since then, no other strange things have been happening, and I’m very glad because ain’t nobody got time for a ghost haunting in college!

Submitted by Crystal Z.




Nightmare on College Street. 

There are rumors that the on-campus apartments at my school are haunted, but it’s a pretty new building so it never felt creepy. However, one day I was hanging out with my friend in the living room area of her apartment, which is connected to the kitchen. It was just us hanging out when all of a sudden we heard something crash on the kitchen floor. We quickly turned to see what happened, only to find a knife that had originally been on the counter now sitting on the floor about 10 feet away from where it had been.

Submitted by Becca L.


Scream Queen.

There’s an abandoned building right by my school, and my friends and I decided to investigate it with my video camera. We got into the building and wanted to walk up to the roof, so we headed toward the stairwell and made our way up to the third floor when we heard a girl scream. We immediately split and decided to hide because at this point our hair was standing on end. After a few moments we were brave enough to try again. We get to the same exact spot in the stairwell and heard the same ear-rattling screech coming from above us on the roof. After working up the courage to head to the roof, we looked around and no one was there. The craziest part? The two screams can even be heard on my video camera.

Submitted by Vinny P. 




Skeptic No More. 

I was hanging out in my friend’s apartment with her and her boyfriend. My friend was actually in the middle of telling me how she thinks the apartment is haunted because the TV and radio often turn on by themselves. My friend’s boyfriend is a skeptic and thought we were a bit crazy for believing this. All of a sudden, the TV volume started lowering by itself. At first, my friend and I got mad at her boyfriend because we thought he was trying to be funny and prank us, but he put his hands in the air to show us he was not holding the remote. I think he became a believer that night!

Submitted by Kristen T. 


All Trick, No Treat. 

I lived in a house off-campus with a few girls from my track team, and we’d often get strange knocks on the front door when nobody was there. Occasionally we’d hear knocks on the back door as well. Every time we checked, no one was there. There were even times where we’d look outside and see shadows of what seemed to be people in our backyard, yet we never actually saw anyone. It’s possible that this was someone playing a prank, but it’s creepy that we never able to catch anyone!

Submitted by Alyssa S. 


We’re looking for another batch of campus ghost stories!

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  1. Kennedy H. says:

    One day, I was in my on campus apartment. My roommates and I always heard things fall in the kitchen or my roommates rooms and thought nothing of it. Especially when there was nothing in the floor. But one semester, I helped my last roommate move his stuff out for the year. I came back to my room to study for my last final and heard footsteps at the end of the hall. I figured my roommate forgot something so I ignored it and continued my work. Following the footsteps, I heard pans fall in the kitchen. I quickly got up and opened my door and went to the kitchen only to find nothing on the floor and the entire suite empty. I figured it was nothing and continued my work with my door open. Suddenly, I heard my roommates bathroom close slowly (creek and door latch) and knew someone was there with me. I decided to open snapchat and record it and made my way down the hall only to hear and see the other bathroom at the end of the hall close. Scariest part? It’s caught on tape and I opened the bathroom only to find that no one was there.

  2. Shelby K. says:

    Ghost Girl
    As I was growing up seeing ghost didn’t happen as often as it dose today. I am a sensitive if you like to call it that, and you may think I’m just trying to make this story entertaining, but you be wrong. Being a sensitive, I can see things others can not. I think some things you are gust meant to see. A gift if you will. I’m not trying to get people to believe. I am just writing about what I witnessed.

    This happened my first year of college. I was walking to the parking-lot so my mom could pick me up. I had left building 2000, and was walking underneath the owning beside the building. I looked in font of me, and there was a girl with black hair, and in all black, walking. We weren’t that fare apart from each-other. People, as we walked didn’t even see her. It was as if she wasn’t there. Soon she went around the corner. I soon turned to find she was one ware to be found. I thought that was old, I would have bean able to see ware she went. I soon found out that it was a ghost. I have seen more ghosts after that experience. I am not afraid of them, just trying to find out there story’s.

  3. Emily M says:

    My roommate and I lived in a haunted residence hall last year. We started to notice strange things when we realized we were closing more drawers than we had been opening. We also always felt like somebody was watching us in the room which made the hairs stand up on the backs of our necks. One day before winter break, (my roommate was already home) I was sitting on my bed talking to my dad on the phone when every single drawer in my room (desk drawers, wardrobe doors, dresser drawers) flew open all at once. I screamed at the top of my lungs and the RA came knocking on my door to see if I was okay. When I told her what happened she said she wasn’t surprised….scariest moment I’ve ever had.

  4. Mary, Mary, Please Don't Be Scary says:

    It was my first semester at the University. There were four floors in my dorm building, and I lived on the third floor. One day, my roommate and I were studying at our own desks, and we hear what sounded like furniture being moved upstairs. I proceeded to tell her, “Well, at least they’re doing it now instead of 2 am.” She asks, “What do you mean?” I said, “I’m surprised you don’t hear it. These people literally move their stuff in the middle of the night. It’s annoying actually.” To which she replied, “Ain’t nobody live on the fourth floor…….” I asked around, and I even went to go look. She was right. The doors to enter the fourth floor were locked and chained. It is said that the fourth floor is haunted by a ghost lady named Mary, and she appears to the sick to heal them because of her role in the Civil War.

  5. Ghost in the Ceiling says:

    So my old high school PAC is has a ghost because a few years back we brought in a haunted tea set. So last year while waiting for rehearsal to start, a small group of people started ghost hunting. I joined in when I got there and we started with a little Q and A. We stared talking to what said was a little boy and he kept touching my hands to answer the questions. We know it wasn’t a draft or anything like that because someone else had put their hands near mine and they didn’t feel anything. After that we kinda just wondered around for a bit, seeing and hearing things every now and again. Then we decided to split up. Everyone downstairs and three of us upstairs. I was one of the three. We kept hearing scratching and knocks on the door when we knocked first. There are no animals living in the building because it’s new and nobody was in the actual theatre because we aren’t allowed in there without an adult. We got all the noises on video and it still creeps me out, but it was also really fun and I want to go ghost hunting again.

  6. Melissa Leyva says:

    Me and my roommates were trying to hang this mirror in the hallway, and it kept falling off. We would hear the thump and walk around and see it on the floor leaning against the wall. So, we would try to fix the hanger and put it back up. One night, as I was coming out of the bathroom, it started to fall. So, I ran to stop it, you know, so it wouldn’t break. And as I got closer, I could see my reflection, and in the mirror I could see over my shoulder standing behind me was a thick dark silhouette, like a man with a cloak on, but kinda’ fuzzy at the edges. I knew no one was there because it was a dead end hallway, and I was the only one there. Freaked me out, so I screamed, and goosebumps ran up my arms. Just as I screamed, the mirror crashed and the hall light exploded above me. Scared the unmentionables out of me. I’m still afraid to look in mirrors at night, you never know what might be looking back.

  7. Carina says:

    This isn’t a college story, but it is strange.
    My childhood home- My parents bought that house in 1988. I’m not sure how old it actually is but we never had anything strange happen in that house…. Except once when I was in high school.
    It was the middle of the night and I was sound asleep. I wake up to the sound of shattering glass. It sounded like someone had busted in a window. I panicked and went to wake up my parents.
    My mom got out of bed, came into the hallway and turned on the lights. The two of us are standing in the hallway listening to see if we can hear footsteps of a possible burglar. After a moment of silence the we both cautiously walk down the stairs to explore the main floor but we didn’t find a single sign of a break in.
    My mom looked at me “You must have been dreaming, but it’s okay sweetie. You were just worried about all of us. Better to be safe than sorry.” I remember dreams very clearly and I wasn’t in the middle of a dream when I woke up to that glass shattering sound.

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