15 Things Anyone Who’s Always Stressed Needs in Their Life

Long day of classes? Stress. Endless projects? Stress. Lack of sleep? Stress. It almost seems like stress is unavoidable.

Whether you’re looking to combat the daily stressors in your life, or you want to treat a stressed out companion to a helpful gift, take a look below at our favorite stress busting tools and gadgets.

1. An inspirational book. 

What better way to forget about a stressful day than to get lost in a book? While you’re at it, you might as well choose something inspirational and uplifting.



2. Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots.

Stressed out skin is the worst. As if you weren’t already stressed out enough, suddenly your skin is ridden with zits and you’re left even more stressed out than you were before. Blemish Dots to the rescue!


3. Soothing sound machine.

It would be nice if we could escape to a relaxing beach or a soothing waterfall whenever we’re stressed, but that’s not always an option. A sound machine is the next best thing.


4. Essential oils.

Essential oils – like lavender, rose, and bergamot – are known to help relieve stress. There are many ways you can experience these benefits, too! For example, some places sell essential oils you can roll onto your skin, while other places sell diffusers to circulate the scent across a room.



5. Stress balls.

Here’s a classic – a stress ball is perfect for relieving bouts of stress throughout the day. Keep one at your desk for when you’re trying to finish a last minute paper or project.



6. Scalp massager.

Ahh… the simple pleasure of a scalp massager. Keep one in your dorm room for your study breaks!



7. A journal.

When there’s no one there to vent to on a stressful day, your journal will hear you out. It’s a great relaxation technique!



8. Adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are rising in popularity as a way to de-stress. You can also carry them around with you practically anywhere.



9. Weighted blanket.

Did you know there are weighted blankets that are supposed to help with feeling stressed? The pressure makes you feel warm, secure, and protected – kind of like a hug!



10. Bath bombs.

A warm bath by itself is pretty darn relaxing, but we think bath bombs are the icing on the cake. The scents often have calming effects, while the colors and patterns are perfect to get lost in.


11. Mini zen garden.

Raking a mini zen garden is supposed to be both calming and soothing. Sometimes you just need a simple, mindless activity to take your mind away from all the stress.



12. Desktop punching ball.

You’ve been working on an essay for the past two hours. The deadline is quickly approaching. You’re typing away relentlessly when all of a sudden your document crashes. Unfortunately, you never saved any of it. What should you do? Take your stress out on this desktop punching ball.

13. A hot cup of tea.

This is possibly our favorite way to relax. Grab a hot cup of your favorite tea, pair it with a good book, then nestle up under a warm blanket.

14. Noise cancelling headphones.

Music on. World off. All you need is the perfect de-stress playlist!



15. Anything lavender scented.

Lavender is practically always the go-to scent when it comes to busting stress. Try a candle, essential oils, or even lotions and beauty products!



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