10 Thoughts We All Have During an Early Morning Class

An early class sounded doable during course registration, right? After all, it’s only a couple of times per week, and you did it all throughout high school. But now that it’s the middle of the semester, you might be thinking a little bit more like this…

1. “Focus. You can do this. Just act alert.”


2. “Who am I kidding? I can’t even pretend to be awake.”


3. “Do they sell coffee by the gallon?”


4. “Only 53 more minutes until I can leave class and nap. But who’s counting?”


5. “Do not…I repeat…DO NOT call on me.”


6. “How did she have time to do a full outfit and makeup?”


7. “What was I thinking when I signed up for this?”


8. “What kinds of jobs can I get if I drop out now?”


9. “I will never take another early class again.”


10. “We’re in the home stretch. Sleep, here I come!”


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  1. Danielle Heather says:

    I loved my early morning, Saturday…. (6) hour class. Initially, I thought I had lost it. But, little traffic. Very easy to find a parking spot. It was beautiful. And, every other week no less. But, I suppose it depends on the class/instructor. With some other instructor, I might have considered drowning myself in coffee.

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