10 Ways You Can Tell It’s Officially Spring on Campus

We’ve got a serious case of spring fever. The new season comes with nothing but positive changes, and we’re already starting to notice them! Check out these 10 telltale signs that it’s officially spring on campus.

1. You can finally start cracking your dorm room windows.

Nothing beats that feeling of finally letting fresh air into your room after a long winter. What’s even better? Laying beneath a cracked window on a spring night and feeling that slightly cool breeze hit you while you sleep.


2. You make the swap to an iced coffee each morning.

Those piping hot cups of coffee you order before class each morning are no longer. You’re now making the swap to a refreshing, iced coffee…or, maybe even a frappuccino!



3. The campus is layered in pink and white petals.

You may have forgotten how beautiful your campus can actually be after staring at bare trees all winter—but once those guys start blooming, campus suddenly looks worthy of an Instagram pic (or at least a quick Snapchat!).


4. It’s still light out when you head to your evening class.

Say goodbye to trekking to your evening class in the dark…the days are now getting longer! Anyone else feel like there’s all of a sudden a lot more motivation to show up? We think so.


5. You actually want to walk or bike to class.

While hiking to your class might have felt like a chore in the winter, you actually enjoy it now. It’s nice getting some fresh air when it doesn’t hurt your face! Plus, everybody is walking through campus and enjoying the weather, so you’re bound to run into a few friends along the way.



6. But if you do drive, the parking lots are less hectic. 

Commuters get some perks, too! Since more and more students are opting to walk with the warmer weather, there won’t be as much competition for those coveted front row parking spots. Score!


7. The athletic fields are always in use.

Everyone is jumping to get more active now that the sun is out! Not only are more people walking and jogging around campus, but the athletic fields are always bustling with activity. It’s the perfect time to join in on a sport or a game of catch.


8. Everyone is laying out on the campus lawn.

Every campus has that go-to spot to lounge out and soak up the nice weather. This is one aspect of college that’s just like the movies!



9. Eating lunch outdoors becomes a given. 

Why eat in the dining hall when there are picnic benches and sunny lawns around campus where you can divulge in your meal?


10. Same with studying and doing homework.

You’ll also notice that a nice spot outdoors is suddenly a much more enticing place to get work done. After all, you’ve spent enough time in the library throughout the winter.

Is there anything we missed? Let us know how you can tell spring is in full bloom on campus in the comments below!


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