Simple Strategies for Studying Smarter

You always hear the saying, “Study smarter, not harder.” But how exactly do you do that? We laid out some simple strategies so that you can have an effective study session without the burnout.

Make a plan.

Be honest…when you study, do you typically plan your study sessions out or do you usually end up having a last-minute cram session? Unfortunately, the idea that cramming will keep the material fresh in your mind isn’t really true. Instead, come up with a plan of action while keeping the following tips in mind.

  • Take regular breaks! Longer study sessions make it harder to retain information.
  • Review often instead of just the night before your exam. Repetition helps you remember.
  • Get some sleep. Those all-nighters are impairing your memory recall!



Quiz yourself.

Simple re-reading your notes isn’t always the best way to study. In fact, using a more effective method—like quizzing yourself—could actually help shorten your study sessions! Doing practice tests or having a friend quiz you will help train your mind to recall the information…just like what you’ll be doing during your actual exam!



Many of us struggle come exam time because we often try to memorize information while studying rather than understand it. A good way to gauge if you have an understanding is by trying to summarize each section. If you can’t lay out a simple summary, then you probably don’t completely understand it.

So, what do you do to help you understand better? It depends on what kind of learner you are. For example: Visual learners can benefit from things like creating charts and diagrams while an auditory learner can benefit from studying verbally in a group. Only you know what style works best for you!

Do you have any other studying tips for our readers? Let us know what works for you in the comments below.


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  1. Rita says:

    if it is math It helped me to read my math book, and to learn definitions

  2. Melissa says:

    This article really helped me out, I’ll have to try not to cram up, which is what I usually unfortunately do.

    • TR says:

      Thank you for this tips, I have been doing this for decades and it really works. I am glad and greatful for sharing!

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