7 Productive Things You Can Accomplish This Summer

Summer vacations are marked by sleeping in, lazy days by the pool, and much more free time to just hang out. Your summer internship might keep you on your toes, but sometimes you just get an itching for even more productivity. Take a look and see if any of these ideas spark your interest.

1. Pay a visit to old friends and family.

While you were at school, you understandably didn’t have as much time to keep in touch with your high school friends or extended family members. Those relationships are still important, though. Make and effort to pay them a visit this summer and keep them a strong part of your life.


2. Join a gym or sports league.

Staying active doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Whether you’re the type to join a gym, head out on summer hikes, or join a local sports league, you can rest easy knowing you’re accomplishing something important.



3. Read more.

You might not even think of your lazy beach reads as being productive, but it totally is! Reading is a great method for keeping stress low, it gives you a dose of culture, and it helps expand your knowledge and vocabulary.


4. Put together a portfolio.

While a resume lists out all of your skills and experiences, a portfolio contains copies of actual work samples and projects you’ve been apart of. Set aside some time this summer and make a collection of all your professional work, whether it be from campus organizations, school projects, or internships.


5. Tackle more credits.

If you’re behind on some credits or just want to get ahead of the game, why not take a summer course? A lot of classes during the summer are offered online, so you can even work remotely and on your own schedule.



6. Get organized.

An organized life definitely cuts down a lot of day-to-day stress, but that doesn’t mean getting organized is an easy task. Use some of your free time this summer and tackle any disorganization that’s been limiting you—whether it’s simply organizing a messy closet, managing your money with a budget, or creating structure for your daily responsibilities.


7. Find a relaxing hobby.

Relaxing by the pool is great, but what about picking up a hobby you can use to de-stress all year long? Think of things like sketching, blogging, yoga or anything else you’ve had on your mind. Most people typically have more free time over the summer, so this is a good opportunity to try a handful of new things and see which ones stick by the end of the season.

How are you staying productive this summer? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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