12 Things All Interns Can Relate To

It’s that time of year where we all put away the textbooks, ditch the classroom, and take a stab at some hands-on learning. That’s right…It’s internship season. If you’ve already dove into your new summer gig, you’ll probably relate to these 12 things.

1. Feeling slightly upset that summer vacations are no longer actually vacations.

Sadly, the good ol’ days of sleeping in all summer are over.


2. But also feeling pretty legit.

You know, trying to casually throw your company’s name into random conversations as a humble brag.


3. Struggling to figure out the office phone for the first time.

Umm…How do you check voicemail on this thing?


4. Trying to casually act like you know where you know your way around the office.

Person: Can you bring this to conference room 105?

Me: Sure! I totally know where that is.


5. Not knowing how fast you should be working.

I should probably get this done for them quickly…or does that seem like I’m careless?


6. Having to explain to literally every family member what you’re doing.

“So, what exactly do you do at this internship thing? Why aren’t they paying you?”


7. Accepting that “The Intern” is basically your second name at this point.

It’s basically how everyone in the office introduces you.


8. Trying to blend in with all the “real adults” in the office. 

Old enough to work in the office, young enough to still feel like a child.


9. Questioning whether you’re supposed to offer to go on a coffee run.

That’s, like, what they do in the movies, right?


10. Panicking when you don’t know how to do something and attempting to wing it.

“Act like you know what you’re doing…Act like you know what you’re doing…Ugh, who am I kidding?”


11. Then giving in and asking for help anyways.

“Yeah…About that task you asked me to do…”


12. And the best part? Getting treated during company outings.

Someone always steps up and offers to cover your meal. You know…since you don’t have a salary.

Can you think of anything else? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Nate says:

    So what is the ratio of unpaid to paid internships?

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