The 12 Pieces Your Work Wardrobe Needs Immediately

It feels like one moment you’re in college heading to class every day, and the next moment you’re getting up for work at the office each morning. A lot changes during this time, and your wardrobe is no exception. Take a look at these 12 staples that are a must for your collection of office-ready apparel.

1. Blazer

A good, fitted blazer is a definite staple. It’s practically a must on interview day, and it can often turn your everyday outfit into sleek and professional attire for the office.


2. Cardigan

Besides being the go-to for when the office gets a bit chilly, a cardigan gives you more versatility with your outfits. You can use it as an accessory over an otherwise plain getup, or it can serve as the extra coverage you need if you’re rocking a sleeveless shirt.


3. Statement Necklace

Speaking of accessories, a statement necklace is a must-have bold piece for your work wardrobe. Think of how many ways you can style the same shirt just by switching up your necklace!


4. Fitted Dress

On spring and summer days, it’s nice to swap out your dress pants for a dress. It’s effortless, but it definitely doesn’t look like it is.


5. Classic Tote

You may have gotten away with just carrying around a wallet or satchel in school, but a big tote bag is life changing for the workplace. Aside from your daily beauty essentials, make sure it’s big enough to transport any binders or paperwork.


6. Black Dress Pants

Classic. Classic. Classic. Trust us, these pants will be in rotation a lot when it comes to your day-to-day work outfits.


7. Flats

Flats are basically the sandals of the workplace. They’re practical, they’re comfortable, and they still look good. You may want to grab a few extra pairs if you’re working in the city and do a lot of walking.


8. Ankle Boot

A pair of ankle boots is a stylish alternative for when you’re not rocking your flats. You get the elegance of a heel, but the comfort of wearing a boot. Perfect for the workplace!


9. Crew Neck Sweater

Work attire can be comfortable. Crew neck sweaters are great for chilly days, or just those notoriously frigid offices.


10. Pumps

When it comes to wearing heels in the office, most people opt for a pair of pumps. Try grabbing a neutral color so you can work them with any outfit.


11. Pencil Skirt

You know those black pants we said would be on rotation a lot? Well when you get bored of those, a pencil skirt is an easy option to switch things up.


12. Silk Blouse

You can never have too many silk blouses. We recommend getting a few solid-colored classics that you can switch up with different jewelry, sweaters, and blazers. Then if you’re up for it, throw in some more fun, printed blouses!

Can you think of any more essentials? List them out in the comments below!


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